How to create a Zalo chat group on the computer

 How to create a Zalo chat group on the computer

How to create a Zalo chat group on the computer

Creating a Zalo chat group on your phone is not difficult and you have also known in the article of the same name before. But Zalo for PC is also a popular free and popular chat tool today. Users can also set up Zalo chat group on computers similar to on mobile devices.


As mentioned before, Zalo is one of the mobile chat applications that supports the most operating systems, including on mobile and on computers (besides Windows, there is also Zalo for Mac and Zalo for Linux). And in addition to using these downloaded versions, we can also use Zalo directly on the web to create chat groups.

How to create a Zalo chat group on the computer

Video tutorial to create group chats on Zalo PC

How to create a Zalo PC chat group

Step 1: On the main interface of Zalo computer, click the icon Create chat (as shown in the picture below) or use keystrokes Ctrl + N to create new Zalo chat group.

Create group chats

Step 2: Window Create a group appears, invite more friends to the huddle. Zalo supports group chats with up to 100 people. After selecting a group member, click the button Create a group to create group chats.

Create group chats

Step 3: Give the group a name, then start a conversation with everyone right away.

Group chat

Step 4: After creating the group successfully, you can add and remove members as you like. When you want to rename the group just hover Click on the group name, which appears pencil shape on the side, click on it, then rename. Then click check mark icon to complete the name change.

Rename the group

Step 5: When you want to leave the group, just click the icon Option, then select Leave group.


Step 6: Window Leave group and delete conversation appears, press Leave group to leave the group.

Leave group

Manage, arrange group chat Zalo PC

You can view groups more visually thanks to the group list sorting feature. Click the icon Phonebook in the left bar, then click Team list. Here will list the entire Zalo group list.

Zalo chat group
Zalo chat group

At this point, click Arrangement icon In the upper left corner, here are 4 sorting criteria:

  • Sort by group names A – Z.
  • Sort by group name Z – A.
  • Sort by old activity – new.
  • Sort by new activity – old.
Sort Zalo group
Sort Zalo group

After choosing the sort by any type will display that style for you to easily manage.

After sorting Zalo group
After sorting Zalo group

Also here, you can classify chat groups for more convenient management: Friends, Colleagues, Family … or you can click Leave group to leave the group.

Classification chat group Zalo
Classification chat group Zalo

How to chat Zalo group on the web

Step 1: You access the link above to go to the homepage of Zalo online, then proceed to log in as with Zalo version for the computer.

Zalo on the web

Step 2: Confirm login by following the request that appears after.


Step 3: From the main interface of Zalo web platform, you can also left-click on it Add group chat icon as below.

Group icon

Step 4: Proceed with selecting and adding new people to the group as done above.

Add people to the group

So you’ve just added two ways to create Zalo chat group, hope with these simple instructions, your conversation with friends and relatives will be easier and more convenient.

I wish you successful implementation!

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