How to create a table in Word 2007
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How to create a table in Word 2007

Creating tables in Word is a basic operation and often encountered when we edit data or edit document content. Microsoft Word supports users with a full range of tools or ways to draw tables, insert tables into Word content, as well as format the tables to make them easier to see, more beautiful and more artistic. To create tables in Word is very simple and there are many different ways to do it. The following article will guide you how to create tables in Word 2007.

Video tutorial creating tables in Word 2007

1. Create tables in Word

To create tables in Word, users have 3 different ways to perform them.

Method 1:

We click on Insert tab in the Ribbon and then click Table items. The user then holds the mouse and moves to Select number of columns and number of rows in the box provided.

Create a table 1

Method 2:

We click on it Insert Table … already Enter the row number and the column number In the next displayed interface, click OK to display the table is okay.

Create a table 2

Method 3:

Click on Table and Click Draw Table. Then display the pen so we can draw the table as we like. You just need to move the pen vertically or horizontally to create tables and table cells.

Create a table 3

Also when we click on Quick Tables option There will be many different types of tables on many topics.

Thematic tables are available

To Add columns or rows in Word tables We highlight the extra row / column. Right click already Select Insert in the displayed list, and choose where you want to add the row or column to the table.

Add columns and rows

2. Adjust the format of the Word table

When the user clicks the table it displays 2 more tabs to change the format of the table Design and Layout.

Create a table 1

Step 1:

In Design tab There will be different design groups. We Choose Table Styles to choose the type of color for the board. There are many types of tables and colors we can apply to tables.

Choose a table type

The table will then be changed to the type we selected.

The table displays colors

Step 2:

In the section Table Style Options Users also have more options to format the elements of the table.

  • Header row: Hide or show the table header row.
  • Total row: Add row totals to the bottom of the table with list of functions for each cell in the total row.
  • Banded row and Banded columns: Change the density of alternating rows and columns.
  • First column and Last column: Change the first and last column format of the table.

Customize the elements of the table

Step 3:

Next comes in Draw Borders items, users can create borders for tables. Each operation creates a border for tables you read refer to the article How to create table borders in Word.

Create borders for the table

Step 4:

Click on continue Layout section and also see lots of custom groups for tables. At Rows & Columns we will see options for adding columns or rows, deleting columns or rows as needed.

  • Insert left: Insert a column to the left of the selected column.
  • Insert right: Insert a column to the right of the selected column.
  • Insert Above: Insert more rows above the selected rows.
  • Insert Below: Insert more rows below the selected rows.

Create table borders

Step 5:

In Merge group You have the options to group and split table cells. To group of cells we Select Merge Cells.

Group cells in the table

To want to separate cells Click here Split Cells. With Split Table will split into 2 different tables. Readers can refer to the article How to split tables and join Word tables.

Split cells in a table

Step 6:

To resize, increase or decrease the cells we will adjust in Cell Size.

Resize the table

Step 7:

Finally at Alignment item, you have many options to change the text direction, align text in a cell like aligning the middle text in a cell of Word tables.

Edit the content in Word

Above are all the operations for creating tables in Word 2007, as well as the operations for editing as well as formatting for tables. In general, the operations are very simple and easy to perform.

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I wish you successful implementation!


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