How to create a shadow effect in Photoshop

How to create a shadow effect in Photoshop

Shadow effect in Photoshop is one of the ways to make objects, text look better? So is it difficult to create shadow effects in Photoshop? You will be surprised by the ways in the tutorial below

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Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful photo editing and upgrading software available today. Although there are many photo editing software out there, Photoshop’s position has never changed because of the features that the utility brings to the user.

Previous article, instructed you how to combine photos in Photoshop, in this article will guide you on how to create text shadow effects for text. Use this effect to create logos or icons for use on your Websites.

How to create a text shadow effect

Download and install the latest version of Photoshop

Step 1: Open Photoshop, create a new image file with the size and background color of your choice by choosing File -> New on the toolbar, or press a combination of keys Ctrl + N.

For example, the new file has the following parameters:
Width (width): 500 pixels
Cao (height): 300 pixels
Background Contents (background color of image file): Select Background Color if you choose the background color yourself.
Here, taimienphi selects background color as black with color code # 000000.

I understand the game in Photoshop

New image file is created

I understand cancer in photoshop

Step 2: Select a tool Text (shortcut key T) to type any text, choose the font, size, color for the text.

Example: Font: Arial, size: 45, white with color code #ffffff


Step 3: Duplicated Layer text by clicking on the toolbar Layer -> Duplicate Layer


Step 4: Choose Layer Just duplicated, click the key combination Ctrl + T To adjust the position of this layer, right click and select Flip Vertical to reverse the new layer from the original position.

I understand the game in Photoshop

The layer after being reversed

Step 5: Use the tool Move Tool (V) to move the edited layer below the original one

Step 6: Right click on the edited layer, select Rasterize Type to change to form Graphic

Step 7: Select an icon Add Vertor mask to create a mask above this layer.

Step 8: Select the region Add Vertor mask Layer copy, select the tool Gradient Tool (G) to fill the text.

Choose a style Gradient as shown below

Hold and drag the mouse on this layer vertically down. Note, you have to drag it so that it is straight to be beautiful.

Text after being pulled down

Step 9: Adjust the opacity Opacity For the layer just created, set it around 50% for a more natural look.

Step 10: Once done, click the key combination Ctrl + Shift + E To combine layers with the original background image, save the image in the format you want.

Here is the final image.

With the above operations, at first glance it seems very difficult because it has to go through many steps, but it is the simplest operation.

Creating text shadow is just one of the many text blends that Photoshop brings to users, besides there are many beautiful effects such as creating melted fire text in Photoshop or creating braille effects. In particular, creating a fire text effect in Photoshop will create cool typography, and create braille in Photoshop, the typeface will be more personality.

In addition to text effects tips, Photoshop is also the best photo editing software that helps you turn old photos into newer ones, reduce red-eye when taking pictures under Flash, remove pages. faces … and many more features for you to explore.

If the Photoshop installation is difficult for you to create shadows for text or images, you can create shadows using Paint.NET that ElectrodealPro instructed in previous articles.


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