How to create 3D home diagrams with Autodesk 3Ds Max

How to create 3D home diagrams with Autodesk 3Ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max is a famous 3D rendering and modeling software, widely used in interior design, in the following article, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to draw 3D house plans with Autodesk 3ds Max through few simple step instructions ..

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Is there a way to upload a 2D drawing and turn it into a beautifully rendered 3D plan so you clearly communicate your ideas while the client knows what the project will look like when it’s finished? The answer is yes, famous home diagramming software Autodesk 3Ds Max well-known from Autodesk will help you do just that.

The way to create a house is easy with autodesk 3ds max

Instructions for creating 3D home diagrams using Autodesk 3Ds Max

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How to create 3D house diagrams using Autodesk 3Ds Max

1. What benefits does Autodesk 3Ds Max bring?

3Ds Max provides a rich set of tools for editing and effecting and 3D modeling by sequencing to remember stored values ​​for processes and settings.
– 3Ds Max provides a preview of rendering and ActiveShade tools that change materials, objects, lighting …, while working interactively from tables.
– Create physical environments using multiple objects, lights, and materials drawn from other rendering tools to choose from and combine.
Create light refractions, edit materials, apply vignettes, simulate scenes and more using an incredibly versatile dialog tool called Material Editor.
Heatmap Skinning and Geodesic Voxel create motion paths, effects like particle flow, fluid flow, surface modeling and combined mesh.
– Arnold-3ds Max, 360-degree rendering, physical camera combination, graph controller, ART RayTracer graphic rendering, scene transitions … help integrate and customize spaces, edit and assign simple vignettes.

2. How to import 2D plans into 3Ds Max

An AutoCAD drawing can be imported into 3Ds Max in different units such as inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters … You select a unit depending on the unit settings in your AutoCAD drawing.

– Open 3Ds Max.
– Choose the unit from the custom menu.
– In the dialog box Unit Setup, you choose Feet w / Fractional Inches in the item US Standard and leave all other values ​​at their defaults.

How to create 3d houses with autodesk 3ds max

From the menu, you choose Import.
– Browse and select your file. Click Open.
Click OK for default settings.
– Switch to tab Group to set the x, y and z coordinates back 0.
– Right click and select Freeze selection.

direction using autodesk 3ds max to create 3d house

In the dialog box DialogThe article chooses Inches because AutoCAD drawings are based on Feet and Inches. Therefore, if your drawing is in metric, change the unit setting to metric first and then select meter in the option. Import.

3. Design a 3D layout model

* Erect the wall

To model the walls, the article uses Spline modeling method. Before you get started, you should think about the camera position and angle you use. In the example below, the article focuses on the exit area. Therefore, the wall step in front is 4 feet high and the wall is 8 feet higher than the back.

– You press the key T to open a top-down view.
– Press the key S to turn on the mode Snap 2.5.
– Right click Snap Toggle and choose Vertex from the dialog box Grid and Snap Settings.

Designing the house in 3d, it is not available to autodesk 3ds max

– Draw walls with tools Line Tool from a top view with the rating of 4 feet or 8 feet.

How to create 3d houses with autodesk 3ds max space

The Snap Toggle tool is very powerful for building architectural drawings because the Vertex mode helps to draw precisely measured lines. To create sills and beam bottom for windows, you use the same method.

* Floor

How to create a house by autodesk 3ds max

For floors, you can choose concrete for the yard, tiles for the bathroom, carpeted floors for the master bedroom, and laminate flooring or other types of flooring for the living area. While making the floor, use the same technique as above and create a thickness of 20mm.

* Doors and windows

Depending on the requirements of each client, you use different sized windows and doors.

There are several types of doors used in this drawing:

– Bedroom entrance – 7ft high, 2ft 8in wide, 50mm thick.
– Entrance to the apartment – 7ft high, 3ft wide, 50mm thick.
– Toilet door – 7ft high, 2ft 6in wide, 50mm thick.
– Dining room doors – 7ft high, 2ft wide, 50mm thick.
Dual windows – 6ft high, 2ft 6in wide, 50mm thick.
Hinged windows – 4ft 6 in, 3ft 3in wide, 50mm thick.

3ds max number 3ds by autodesk 3ds max

Put all the furniture like bed, dining table, sofa, TV cabinet and many more in the house to make it more alive.

4. Create textures for the objects in the design

Texture plays an important role in the overall design because it helps the design become more realistic and eye-catching. Use pleasant materials and colors instead of being too contrasty or dull.

In this project, the article uses Vray material. Click on the tab Material Editor from the toolbar or use a keyboard shortcut M, choose Material> Standard> Vray Mtl from Material / Map Browser.

Direction of creation of 3d houses with autodesk 3ds max is effective for all beginners

Standard material will convert to Vray material. You click on the small box next to it Diffuse and choose Bitmap. In the dialog box that appears, select the Bitmap that you want to include in the object.

5. How to set parameters of V-Ray Physical Camera in 3Ds Max

Changes in the value of the focal length, white balance, F-number, shutter speed and ISO can affect your lighting and render at a higher level. So go into these in detail so you can understand what they are and why they affect the end result.

– Focal length: The focal length is set in millimeters and it works like changing lenses on a DSLR camera. The lower the value you give, the wider the angle you get and the higher the value you give, the smaller the angle you will get.
– F-number: The aperture of a lens is generally specified as an F-number. A lower value produces more light and increases the depth of field effect, while a higher value reduces light with Less field effect depth.

How to create 3d houses with autodesk 3ds max for everyone

6. Set Vray lighting for 3D architectural rendering

Vray lighting adds value to your project after you’re done with texture creation. This project uses 2 types of light: Vray Dome Light and Vray Sun.

Vray Dome Light helps to create an overall illumination. It helps to fill all the dark places where the light cannot reach. It acts like a skylight and makes your render look brighter and softer.

– To create Vray Dome Light, go to the tab Lights> Vray> Vray Light From Object Type > Select the light type and click on Viewport.

Although the Vray Dome Light makes the scene brighter, it does not create a shadow effect. And a render without shadow looks very tedious. You should create interesting shadow effects to make the design more vivid.

You can test Vray Sun with different angles and heights to get the best results.

7. Vray Render Settings in 3Ds Max

In Vray, the most magic thing is identifying the right settings. You can change the overall look of the scene with the help of this setting. There are several presets you can apply to get the best results. You can experiment with a variety of settings to tweak or create a specific look for your project.

How to create 3d houses with autodesk 3ds max for everyone

Finally, you can include the project in Adobe Photoshop to adjust contrast, color tone, brightness and a few other aspects to perfect your project.
In addition, you refer to Top House planing software here to choose for yourself the most effective technical drawing tool


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