How to convert webp image format to jpg or png simple format

How to convert webp image format to jpg or png simple format

WebP is an image format developed by Google to compress the image size without losing image quality. WebP images are used on web pages to improve the page load speed of webpages and minimize the burden on the server provider.

However, this format causes quite a lot of annoyances for Designer or those who have a hobby of downloading images online to use because this image format is almost only supported on web browsers such as Chrome, Edge. It is likely that the download will not work because your device does not support it.


You can fix this problem by converting the WebP format to JPG or PNG so your device can support it. It’s easy to do and you will have 2 methods.

1. Use an online converter

You can use websites like the one below to perform image conversion. You just need to drag and drop images onto these pages to convert.


This is very simple and can convert multiple image formats at once.

2. Use the Chrome Save image as Type Extension

The second way you can use the “Extension”Save image as Type“on Chrome, Coccoc or Edge (Chromium clone version). You just need to download this extension here. After activating this extension, when you right click to save image, there will be more option.” Save image as Type Your job is to choose the Jpg or Png image format to save.


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