How to convert Video to MP4 using Format Factory
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 How to convert Video to MP4 using Format Factory

How to convert Video to MP4 using Format Factory

Convert Video, convert video

You want to convert video to MP4 but do not know what software to use for it simple and convenient. So Format Factory will be the perfect choice for you, this tool supports converting videos to MP4 very quickly, with just a few clicks, anyone can use it. Invite you to follow the article below to know how to do:

Guide to convert Video to MP4 by Format Factory

Step 1: On the main interface of Format Factory, click the tab Video, choose a format MP4.

Convert video to MP4

Step 2: Window MP4 appears, click Output Setting To set the output parameters for the video, also press Add file to add the video you want to convert.

Output setting

Step 3: Window Open appears, navigate to the video storage you want to convert, select Open to open the file you want to convert.

Select converted video

Step 4: If you want to change the default storage directory on your computer, click Change. Store by default C: FFOutput, you can change the default storage directory as you like. Here, we choose to save at Desktop.

Choose where to store

Step 5: Next, click OK, got it

Click OK

Step 6: On the main interface click Start to start the process of converting Video to MP4.

Convert video to MP4

Step 7: The conversion process starts, it depends on the size of the video.

The process of converting videos to MP4

Step 8: Whenever you see the school Convert State line appearance Completed then the transition is complete. Right click on it, select Open Output Folder to open the video archive folder after conversion.

Where to store videos after conversion

Step 9: Now, you can open the video and enjoy.

Open the video to enjoy

So you have successfully converted videos to MP4. When using Format Factory, you can Create ringtone, video transplant or convert to many other formats too.

I wish you successful implementation!

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