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How to control anger when playing games?

Video games – a great way to relax, the game allows players to explore new worlds and experience a variety of different challenges that mediocre real life doesn't have. Playing games can take you to new places and allow you to test and train your brain's reflexes whenever you avoid hitting or solving puzzles in the game. The game is much more interactive than just watching TV, which attracts many gamers like children, students, and even adults who have gone to work.

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However, during the game, when the player encounters puzzles or bosses that are difficult to defeat (eg super-difficult games such as Dark Souls), gamers feel extremely frustrated and stressed after many repeated games. Repeat cannot defeat boss, or fake puzzle hard. Then the player will be swept into a whirlpool of frustration and anger, which can lead to losing control and giving up, sometimes some gamers even throw their handles, keyboards, and mice in anger. This is called "Gamer Rage". So how can gamers recognize this "rage" and more importantly how to control it.

Identifiable signs

Every player will have different rage triggers, probably not solving the riddle, not defeating the boss, collecting the battle, or having to hack in a Battle Royale match. When players realize the causes of their rage, it makes the first step extremely important in regaining control of themselves.

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Try and be aware of signs of frustration, stress after playing games, they include erratic thoughts, increased heart rate, faster breathing and sometimes trembling, sweating and even quickness. The face comes with an extremely angry feeling. If it is a joint player or a friend who is preparing to "trigger rage", gamers should help them recognize these signs. If the above signs occur, gamers should control their rage, it needs to be dealt with before it reaches its climax.

Reduce anger during instant game play

Once the signs begin to appear, gamers need to rest. Although this may sound difficult for online gamers, the most necessary thing before a rage is to maintain control over yourself. Stop playing the game immediately will calm the gamer down, avoiding the unfortunate actions that can happen.

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Recess between games is nonetheless recommended and reduces stress levels during game play. Standing up, away from the computer screen for a few minutes or longer, doing wrist exercises is beneficial for gamers' health, both physically and mentally.

Long-term method

Sometimes anger does not come from other people but it is from the game's failures. If the player feels that he has struggled for a long time in a level, puzzle or boss, do not hesitate to seek help in defeating it. This can be done in many ways, gamers can go to YouTube and watch other player videos beat the riddle, boss. Or simply lower the level of difficulty.

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Many gamers, after being unable to solve the puzzle, defeated the boss, they started adjusting the game settings. Gamers should not hesitate because of this, not everyone has a quick reflex or excellent puzzle solving ability and even the best players are sometimes stuck with a super difficult puzzle or a child. terrible boss. It would be much better if the player decided to lower the challenge level, defeat it and keep moving forward, escaping the impending rage.

Remember that playing games is just for fun, for fun but they don't create stress and anger. If gamers can make some adjustments to prevent it, why not? If gamers don't do it for themselves, think of others in your family. Screaming and cursing at a headset, computer, keyboard, mouse, handle, etc. is never a good thing. Gamers are sometimes angry but learning how to control it means playing games becomes more interesting and less stressful.

Control anger

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If gamers are one of those who quickly feel angry (hot tempered) then gamers should need to see a psychiatrist and learn to control anger. These will encourage gamers to find out why they are angry, identify agents and control anger better.

It's just a game

Frustration and anger are common feelings of every gamer in gaming. A losing sports team, not completing a race and other similar incidents can also cause the same frustration for gamers. Passionate about something is great but must keep everything in the right direction. The most important thing to remember is that it is just a game. Usually gamers will assume that the game you play is not a regular game, but that is wrong. No matter how much you love games, a game is still a title game.

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