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How to configure your Telegram account to self-destruct automatically

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Digital security is a major concern in the use of social networks, chats and cloud services for both work and private life. It is not uncommon for users to be faced with hacking accounts, theft of personal and confidential data. The good news, for those who use Telegram, is that the messenger has provided a resource for users looking for the safety of their lives on the web – Be Inactive Por. It was tailor-made for users who want to permanently delete the account or just ‘take a break’ when using the chat. Very uncomplicated, the procedure is described in the following article.

  • What does Being Inactive Por do Telegram

  • Schedule automatic temporary deletion or permanent self-destruction of Telegram accounts

Telegram is an interactive chat with the exchange of photos, files and links. If, on the one hand, secret conversations, offer end-to-end encryption, without storage on the company’s servers, on the other hand, normal and group conversations are, yes, stored and are permanently available in the Telegram cloud program. This says it all – messages, media, contacts or any other account data, remain on the web within reach of malicious people.

To offer users greater freedom of choice, Telegram designed the feature called Being Inactive Por, to prevent problems related to account inactivity – leakage and theft of data stored in the cloud. How can this feature protect the app from data theft? The answer is simple, an account that is not used, is easy prey for cybercriminals.

What does Being Inactive Por do Telegram

Telegram, through Being Inactive Por, will delete the account for a specified period or definitely, automatically! This means that the account is actually ‘deleted’ permanently or recreated, after a scheduled period, without the interference of the account owner.

The resource has two functions:

  • Delete the account for 1 to 12 months: simple, but not so much. The rule is: it is mandatory to access the account at least once during the defined period, otherwise it will be permanently deleted when the term expires.
  • Account self-destruction: if the desire is really to end the account, forever and without leaving a trace, just choose a period of 1 to 12 months and be careful not to access the app once during this period.

Schedule automatic temporary deletion or permanent self-destruction of Telegram accounts


  • Provisional exclusion: open the messenger and access the settings (gearwheel in the footer on the right). On the open screen, open the option Privacy and security and scroll down until you find and touch the option Be Inactive By. In the next interface, select the desired period of account inactivity from 1 to 12 months. Remember to access the account at least once so that it does not ‘disappear from the map’.
  • Self destruction: it is simple, just, through the path described above, select the shortest period, if you are in a hurry – 1 month – and do not open the application anymore. It will self-destruct automatically after the set period:


  • Provisional exclusion: in the app, open the settings > Privacy and Security and select the desired period so that it disappears for just a while.
  • Account self-destruction: by the same way as above, choose the period in the options offered – from 1 to 12 months. Do not access the account once during the selected period so that it will self-destruct forever on the company’s servers:

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