How to clean the stained glass for a long time, remove calcium deposits on the glass

How to clean the stained glass for a long time, remove calcium deposits on the glass

Using the right kind of stain remover can clean long-term stains, especially calcium deposits, stubborn stains on car glass.

Car glass for a long time will easily cause yellowing, moldy. The most common of them is the glass that is stained with calcium deposits with a white border in the shape of fish scales. The cause of this phenomenon is because water precipitated on the glass for a long time, forming calcium deposits on the glass. Stagnant water can be caused by rain water, polluted water splashed from the road surface … not cleaned immediately. Some cases of car washing with well water, car washing with improper chemicals … are also the “culprits”.

Standing water for a long time is susceptible to calcium deposits that can stain cars

Besides, the other common condition is glass with seven-color stains. The reason for the formation of these stains is mainly because the glass is stained with dirt, grease, pollution, using unsatisfactory cleaning chemicals or improper cleaning.

Car glass that has been stained for a long time will reduce the transparency of the glass. This not only causes a dirty feeling, affects the aesthetics, but more importantly obstructs the view, especially for the driver when looking through the windshield in front. This situation is more dangerous if driving in low light, bright or rainy conditions.

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Therefore, car glass cleaning is very necessary, pay attention to periodically cleaning and removing calcium deposits on the glass. Because of stains, calcium deposits, seven-color stains … the longer it stays on the glass, the harder it will be to clean but also damage the glass.

Ways to clean, tips to remove calcium deposits on glass that have been stained for a long time

With stains, mold, especially calcium deposits on the glass, using car cleaning solutions or regular soap will be very difficult to remove. You can apply the following ways to clean calcium deposits and glass stains:

Use lemons

According to some calcium descaling tips on your windshield, you can use lemons. Cut a few thin slices of lemon and rub it directly onto the glass or use lemon juice to apply evenly over the glass. Then rinse with water and towel dry.

Using lemon is one of the most effective calcium descaling tips on the car glass

However, this method only cleans with stains, new calcium deposits. For stubborn stains, use lemon that is difficult to clean completely. On the other hand, car glass has a large area, including the steering glass system, door glass and rear glass, so using lemon is quite limited. Cleaning all the car windows would be a bit expensive.

Use toilet cleaner

Toilet cleaners such as Vim, Duck, Gift … are also capable of effectively removing glass stains, even very clean. This is one of the ways to remove car stained glass that many people use because of its convenience because almost any home has toilet cleaner available.

Toilet cleaners are effective at removing glass stains

However, according to experts, toilet detergents are manufactured for the purpose of toilet cleaning, where the surface is mainly used porcelain enamel. Because most types of toilets are made of ceramic. And for high cleaning power, the very strong detergent content in toilet cleaning solutions is very strong coupled with high corrosion resistance.

So if used to remove calcium deposits on the glass walls, steering glass … regularly, the glass of the car will be easily corroded, affecting the glass surface. Anyway, toilet cleaner is not “born” to clean the glass. Therefore, it is recommended to use toilet cleaner only to stain car glasses in case of urgent cleaning. Do not automatically use toilet cleaner as a “orthodox” way to remove stained glass, should not be used often.

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Use car glass calcium stain remover and descaler

Among the ways to remove glass stains, using a specialized glass stain remover is considered to be the most effective, simple and safest. Like toilet cleaner, car glass stain remover also contains detergent content, but at a lighter level, it will not corrode the glass. On the other hand, instead of focusing on removing stains containing large amounts of bacteria such as toilet cleaner, car glass stain remover will focus on removing calcium deposits, removing mold stains, seven-color spots … caused by rain water, dirty water, grease … cause.

Using a special glass stain remover is considered to be the most effective

Of all the above treatment for glass stains, using a special glass stain remover is considered the best way. You do not take much time, effort can also clean the glasses quickly.

Using a special glass stain remover is considered to be the most effective

Types of cleaning agents, calcium descaling for cars

Automotive glass stain removers (also known as glass stain removers) come in many different types, which are classified into two main categories: liquid liquid and foam spray.

Car glass stain remover

Car glass cleaner is a liquid aqueous detergent. To use car glass cleaner, bleach can be used directly or diluted with clean water according to the manufacturer’s ratio stated in the instructions, mostly 1: 1, 1: 2 or 1: 4.

Car glass cleaner is a liquid detergent that is often diluted with water when in use

After mixing can be put into a spray bottle, sprayed onto the surface of the car glass. If a sprayer is not available, use a cloth to absorb the diluted solution and wipe it on the glass surface. Perform the steps of scrubbing the glass surface with a special soft cloth to prevent scratches. Finally rinse the glass with clean water.

The inconvenience point when using this calcium-based bleaching water is to use acid-resistant bottles and buckets; goggles and gloves must be worn during the cleaning process to cleaning the glasses; The glass must be rinsed again to remove all detergent.

Some commonly used calcium descaling solutions, car glass mold removers are: Calcium descaling agent HT01, Calcium descaling solution CC550, Sonax glass cleaner, Sica glass stain remover, Waxco glass stain remover …

Car glass staining spray spray foam

Car-foam car calcium descaling and bleaching spray are foam-type glass cleaner. When using just spray directly onto the glass, the solution will be sprayed in the form of fine white foam. Then use a soft cloth to wipe it off, no need to rinse with water.

Using stain remover spray bottle, calcium descaling for car foam is simpler and more convenient

Compared with using car glass cleaner, having to go through the preparation of a dilution bottle, diluting with clean water and then rinsing the glass again with clean water, using a car glass stain remover is much simpler.

On the other hand, in addition to using on the glass surface, this versatile spray can also be used to remove dirt on plastic, chrome-plated, silver-plated, metal, wood, felt, leather … surfaces. This spray is for car interior cleaning, laser stain remover … very convenient.

Manual car glass cleaner spray bottle


  • Multi-purpose car glass cleaner
  • Scratch-resistant wipes

Steps to properly remove stains from glass:

Step 1: Shake your car’s glass cleaner vigorously to create foam inside.

Step 2: Spray a sufficient amount onto the surface of the glass using a spiral or zigzag line.

Step 3: Wait 10-15 minutes to give the detergent time to remove the stains. During this time, with stubborn stains, you can use a specialized cloth or scratch-resistant glass to wipe vigorously, helping stains, calcium deposits peel off faster.

Step 4: Use a soft cloth specialized in cleaning until the foam is gone.

After 10-15 minutes you can use a towel to wipe the foam off the glass, no need to use water to rinse

Unlike other drive removers, using a foam glass stain remover does not need to be rinsed with clean water, so it is very convenient.

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Note when removing oto-glass stains

The following issues should be noted when cleaning car glass:

Do not use car glass calcium descaler to clean the surface of vehicle paint or let it stick to vehicle paint. Because detergent can cause paint discoloration and corrosion of the vehicle’s paint. In the event that the detergent gets on the paint accidentally, it is best to wash it off with water several times.

All types of glass stain remover from bleach to foam spray bottles should not be used for glass with protective coating, color coated glass, mirror glass … because this stain remover can be harmful. , corrosion degenerate the protective layers, the color coating, this mirror coating.

Read the instructions carefully before using car glass stains, calcium descaling removers.

Should use scratch-resistant wipes to clean the glass, do not use ordinary towels or cloth. Because the fabric can cause small scratches on the glasses that are invisible to the naked eye. If used many times will scratch, invite glasses, to overcome the need to polish car glass.

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It is recommended to use scratch-resistant wipes in the process of cleaning car glass stains

If the stained, moldy, opaque glass situation is too serious, the above methods of cleaning car glass cannot be thoroughly handled, so take the car to the garage specializing in cleaning and polishing the glass. Here they will have professional processes to handle mold, polish the car glass, restore the transparency and shine of the glass.

To avoid dirty car glass, calcium deposits for a long time, you should wash the car if it comes back from rain. In addition, you can strengthen the protection of car glass by nano-coating the steering glass or car ceramic to protect the glass surface, creating a waterproof film on the glass.

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