In addition to introducing the basic specifications and equipment of the car itself, this special feature will also compare the characteristics of each car model, the riding feeling on the mini track and the test ride conditions, etc., and send you a test ride report; this time I will bring it to everyone It’s “Tire Car Model Showdown!”

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Original reference:[Editor’s column]How to pick a used car? “WR250X/CRF250M”

Test vehicle 1. WR250X (YAMAHA)

A high-performance model developed with the goal of “R1” in the cross-country world. Based on the WR250R, it is equipped with front and rear 17-inch wheels and road tires. The water-cooled high-revving single-cylinder engine achieves the highest level of 31ps maximum horsepower in its class. The aluminum alloy frame derived from the cross-country motorcycle YZ-F and the fully adjustable front and rear suspension are its charms. It is regrettable that it will be discontinued in 2017.

Test vehicle 2. CRF250M (HONDA)

The CRF250M is equipped with the same water-cooled single-cylinder engine as the CBR250R. The internal parts are modified to make it an engine that focuses on low-to-medium-speed torque output. The fork and the multi-link center rear shock provide a soft but stable riding experience. The maximum horsepower was slightly increased from 23ps to 24ps during the 2017 model facelift. Unfortunately, the suspension of production was announced in 2019 and entered history.

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