How to choose a quality motorcycle tray?

At the end of the year, take advantage of bringing the car for maintenance so that Tet can be used without fear of damage. The inspector then reminded me to replace the new wheel because it was old, showing signs of cracking, very dangerous to drive.

Molded wheels or spokes?

Through new knowledge, the wheels that the car is using are cast wheels made of aluminum alloy. So little rust due to the influence of the surrounding environment and has quite high durability. However, due to long-term use and heavy heavy loads, there have been signs of deterioration and need to be replaced.

If not replaced and tried to use, it is very dangerous. It can explode the tire while driving, thereby leading to the loss of control of the vehicle. The worst consequences are causing accidents for everyone involved in traffic and even the driver himself.


Currently, most types of motorcycles currently use two types of rims: cast wheels (wheel wheels) and spokes (spokes). Each type has a different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs and preferences of the user to choose.

Spokes rim is made up of many chopsticks (spoke), connecting the shaft between the wheel and the rim. Spoke wheels usually have aluminum rims, or stainless steel, bearing. And the wand is usually made of steel, aluminum, or maybe carbon fiber … to reduce the car.

The advantage of this type of rim is quite durable, difficult to warp when bumping. The ability to straighten the rim quite easily if bent. In addition, it is lighter than the wheel type and has good shock absorbers because it is very soft.


However, there are cases of broken and broken tires. Appearance is not very eye-catching compared to wheels. Not to mention, this type can only use tattooed tires, for non-tattooed tires, it cannot be used. The type of vehicle that usually uses this type of rim is a gearbox.

In contrast, the wheels replace the spokes parts (chopsticks) with solid rims, which are cast from monolithic chrome, cast iron or stainless steel. Wheels using cast rims are usually smaller in size, but stronger and also have larger volumes.

Its advantage is less rust, looks more impressive than the spokes and can use tattooed tires. However, its disadvantage is that it is easy to warp when collision and very difficult to refine. Its weight is also heavier, not to mention its ability to reduce the squirrel also proved inferior.


Some types of wheels are of high quality now

The market for motorcycle accessories is very diverse in terms of design and quality. Finding an appropriate set of wheels for your car is not easy. Not to mention there are cases of being cheated, buying poor quality goods. Here are the brands that have been recognized by good car owners for a long time.

First is Racingboy, this is the RCB wheels for the car line, with extremely diverse models, reasonable prices. Only ranges from 1.4 million to 2.9 million depending on the type. Especially suitable for popular vehicles Exciter, Winner, Sirius, Wave, Future, Dream, NVX.


Racing Boy’s wheels have a strong aerodynamic and sporty design, when mounted on the vehicle, it is completely compatible without porridge, making the car more compact and safer.

The second popular type is Kuni. This type is cast in cast iron, quite thick and strong, no rust, many different colors to choose from. In particular, it helps to make your bike as strong and powerful as PKL motorcycles. Wheels can be replaced without changing tires as it can fit 80-140 tires.


This type is often used for Exciter, SH, Winer models … With prices ranging from 2.6 million to 4.1 million depending on the vehicle.

Besides the two types above, Asio wheels are also a pretty good choice. It is the favorite wheel shape with a sporty design with artistic flower bars that make a difference and stand out. In addition, the name R3 is also very popular with the straight Y-shaped design including many attractive colors, sporty styling that makes the car more powerful and cool. Prices range from VND 1.3 million to VND 3.8 million for each type.


Finally, the X1R wheels. The characteristics of this type of tray is due to the mechanical lathe system that is controlled by computers. With aluminum monolithic extremely sophisticated and sharp. In addition, because made from 1 block, the X1R wheels are quite solid. However, its price is also quite expensive.


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