How to check your Facebook password, whether your Gmail is exposed or not

Have I been pwned?

Have I Been Pwned? Troy Hunt maintains a database of username and password combinations from public vulnerabilities. They are taken from publicly available violations that can be found through various online websites, or black websites. This database only helps users check their passwords without having to access other parts of the site.

To use this tool, go to the main page Have I Been Pwnd? ( and search for username or email address. (Figure 1a)

Figure 1a

Scroll down and the website will list which hacked websites have your email address. This does not mean that your password has been leaked or hacked, simply that your email address has been detected at a violating website. Please read the description of each violation carefully. In some cases, the site may force users to reset their password. If you are not sure, you should log in to that site and reset your password (Figure 1b).

Figure 1b

Repeat this process to check other email addresses or usernames. You will see which password is leaked from your email address or username, thus providing you with information about the password that may have been compromised.

In addition to helping you find an illegal website that uses your email address, Have I been pwned to provide information about violations in general. The website lists the largest data breaches as well as recent violations. You can search by domain name to view. You can sign up for a notification service to be alerted if your email address is caught by a new violation (Figure 1c).

Figure 1c

Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor is another website that displays websites that violate data that has your email address. You do not need to use Firefox to use Firefox Monitor to access the service from any browser, such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Next Firefox Monitor, type your email address in the corresponding box (Figure 2a). Firefox Monitor also cooperates with the "Have I Been Pwned" website above to scan email to see if it is present in the data library being compromised in network attacks. If unfortunately your email is "a victim", immediately change the password used for the relevant account.

Figure 2a

The page displays every infringing website that contains your email address. Click on the link (More About This Breach) to learn more about a specific violation (Figure 2b).

Figure 2b

In Firefox Monitor, you can also sign up to receive future warning alerts, but require a Firefox account. To set up this feature, click the Sign Up For Alerts button at the bottom of the Firefox Monitor page. Create or login to your Firefox account. Click the Manage Email Addresses button. Remember to click the Send Breach Alerts box to The Affected Email Address. (Figure 2c). This email address will be scanned for continuous security. Therefore, you will receive the notice as soon as it falls into the wrong hands.

Figure 2c


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