How to check whether an old car has an accident?

How to check whether an old car has an accident?

How do I know if a used car has been in an accident or not? Use the following ways to check for an old car that has an accident.

According to many experts, taxi refunds, old cars with hydrographs and old cars with accidents are 3 types Old cars should not be bought. In which, the car with an accident is the most popular type for sale. Therefore, when buying a used car, buyers should be cautious about this type of car.

Should I buy a car with an accident?

Vehicle old car Accidents will often have a very attractive price. This is the reason why many people still accept to buy used cars with accidents. According to experts, car crashes have many types with different degrees of weight.

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Used cars in an accident will often have a very attractive price

A vehicle with a serious accident will usually result from a strong head crash. When this engine system, the steering system is affected a lot. Even if it is repaired, “overhauled” carefully, the stability and service life will certainly not be the same as before. Not only the operating experience, but also safety levels are affected. Not to mention, if the vehicle is repaired outside, using floating and poor quality spare parts, it is more likely to have problems later. At this time, the cost of repairs can be higher than the purchase of a car.

If the car has a slight accident, most of the time it only damages the outer shell and the shell air bag. If the machine part is not affected, operation will not be affected. However, in reality, except for a car with a very serious accident, there are very few places for sale car Old people who confess honestly about the details of the car’s accident status. Hence it is difficult to judge. If you are a person who is not too technical, cannot assess and calculate the risks carefully, it is best not to buy a used car that has an accident.

Difficult to sell because it is both technically “sealed” and considered “not good” spiritually, so in many cases, the seller repaired, rebuilt the old car with an accident in order to erase it. the “unclean history” section for the car to be sold quickly. So when buying a used car, in addition to checking the taxi, the buyer also needs to check whether the car has had an accident or not to avoid buying the wrong car with an accident. “Money lost carrying disability”.

How to check if an old car has an accident

1. Check the car paint

The car paint test is the most common way to check for car crashes. Because vehicles have accidents, crashes, the impact areas will often dented, paint peeling off, badly damaged. So the owner of the car is forced to renovate and paint it again.

Car crashes, crashes, collision areas will often dented, paint peeling

When looking at used cars, buyers need to carefully observe the car’s paint color. Should look closely at the door edges, car body panels, car head, rear … Because these are the locations where crashes most often occur.

If you see any area where the color is slightly different from the main paint color of the car, darker or lighter then the chances are high. repainted cars. Because the car is heavily scratched due to the collision or collision, the body must be beaten, welded and painted.

2. “Finger” on the surface of the car

In addition to visual observation, in order to accurately feel the car body is concave or not, the buyer can use his hand to reach the surface of the body. Combined with visual observation, holding hands on the car will help buyers more accurately detect uneven positions on the car.

Grasping the surface of the car will help buyers feel the protrusions in the car, if any

For cars with an accident, the bodywork will be more prone to protrusions. One can use a number of remedies such as suction, mound, and concave filler. However, no matter what method you use, it is difficult to be 100% perfect.

3. Check the windshield

The windshield is an easy place to see if the car has an accident. In the crashes, the windshield is considered the most sensitive part, very easily broken. With light collisions, the windshield will not break, but small cracks and cracks will appear.

When buying a used car, the buyer should carefully consider the windshield, from the front to the back, paying close attention to the edges and corners. If you see a crack, you should suspect that this vehicle has had a collision. Besides, also pay attention to see if there are film marks on the glass. Because this is a sign that the glass has undergone a repair process.

The windshield is a very sensitive part, easily broken when the car is in a crash

If the car has been hit badly, the windshield has broken, the owner will have to replace the new glass. To see if the windshield has been replaced, the buyer only needs to check the specifications of the windshield in the lower left corner. For example, if the car is produced in 2010, the last row will have the number 0. If the car produced in 2011 will be the number 1, similarly to 2012 it will be the number 2 …

Not only checking the steering glass, but also the windows and rear windows. Observe carefully for any signs of cracking, having been repaired or replaced.

4. Check the front and rear bumpers

Because it is located in the “locomotive” positions, the front and rear bumpers are very susceptible to damage and fracture when collisions occur. So one way to check for an accident is to examine the front and rear bumper of the car carefully. If you see heavy scratches, cracks or patches, a different color, it means that the car has had a collision.

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The front bumper and rear bumper are very easy to damage if the car has an accident

In addition, if the front bumper and rear bumper have signs of a new replacement, this is most likely a refurbished car after a certain collision.

5. Check the contours, stamping lines on the vehicle

One way to check for an accident that many “old” technicians apply is to look closely at the contour and ribbed lines on the body. For vehicles that have never collided, the contours and veins of the body are usually straight and even. If the car has an accident, even the skilled craftsman will find it difficult to look like new.

For the best visibility, buyers can stand at the front or the rear of the vehicle, keeping their eyes on the line. This view helps to see the best contour, distortion, or not.

For vehicles that have not had an accident, the contour and contour of the body veins are usually straight and even

7. Check door slots, door edges and body panels

Door slots, door edges and cladding are the positions of “denunciation” of cars that have crashes, especially cars that are hit from the sides. The door slot, especially the edge of the door, is a very important position and can be easily damaged if a collision occurs.

Checking the edge of the door is an easy way to check for an old car that has an accident

Car door slits and edges are usually stamped directly at the factory, so this is a seamless block. If the car has been crashed, the edge of the door is damaged and has been repaired, the buyer will easily see the patchwork and repair marks. If the vehicle has not been in a collision, the door slits and door edges must be straight and evenly from top to bottom. Buyers can open both the front and rear doors at the same time for easier comparison of small details.

8. Observe the edge of the cap

Another way to check for an accident is to look closely at the edge of the capo. For cars that have never collided, the edges will be straight, even, with no concave or patchy dents, the left edges must be symmetrical.

To check an accident, you should carefully observe the edge of the capo

Another small factor buyers should definitely not ignore is the glue line that just lines the inside of the capo lid. This detail is very small, but it will tell a lot. Use your hand to press on this thread. If the sugar is to expand, it is only genuine “genuine” glue. If the glue line just has no elasticity, there will be a “click” sound accompanied by a hole, which means that the glue line has only been run again.

9. Check the screws

A great way to check for an accident is to check if the car has been turned on. In the engine compartment, please observe the front frame, pay attention to each screw, every detail, see if it has been removed, repaired or not. If the car has been hit hard, damaging the engine compartment, these screws will have marks that have been removed for repair.

You can check the vehicle for an accident by observing the screws in the engine compartment

10. Check the trunk

If checking the front bumper, the engine compartment helps to detect whether the vehicle has a head-on collision, checking the rear trunk and rear end will help the buyer know if the car has a crash from behind. Please open the trunk of the car, flip trunk mats up, observe every small detail, especially the edges, see if the two sides are symmetrical, see if there are mounds or traces of each collision.

When checking for an accident, check the trunk behind the car

11. Inspect the clamp

This is also a way to check if an old car has an accident. If the buyer sees many clamps around the frame, the vehicle has been repaired with the tractor and aligned the frame. And in the case of “getting to the hands” of these machines, only the cars are collided, badly damaged.

12. Test your driving experience

Of course, an important part not to be missed when buying a used car is the test drive. Test drive is also a way to check if an old car has an accident. Because accidents usually happen from the front, it is easy to have a negative impact on the engine, gear, in particular the steering system.

If the system is affected, the car will feel unstable when testing. The steering wheel can be deflected, vibrated, heavier or lighter than usual. In addition, engine sounds, brake pedal and accelerator responses to the vehicle automatic transmission and brake / throttle / clutch pedal with the vehicle gearbox also partly reflects the “health” of the car. If you notice signs of a problem, you should check the engine carefully.

13. Check the paperwork and the frame number

Checking papers, looking up license plates, chassis numbers – engine numbers is an effective way to check for an old car with an accident. Buyers should carefully check documents such as vehicle registration, books Car insurance, books vehicle registration, warranty book – vehicle maintenance… These papers both help prove the legal origin of the vehicle, and also partly reflect the “victories” of the vehicle if any.

Besides, the buyer should look up VIN number to check the actual vehicle and whether the information from the VIN is matched.

It is possible to check the accidental vehicle by looking up the number plate, VIN …

To check if the car has an accident or not, it is necessary to synthesize ways from visual observation, hand touching, hearing engine noise, driving experience … If you have difficulty in this problem, you can ask for the mechanics. , good testing experts old car inspection service profession.

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Frequently asked questions about how to check for an old car for an accident

? Should I buy a car that has a crash?

Reply: A car crash is divided into different types of light weight. If the car has a slight collision, only scratches the shell, not affecting the engine system, you can consider buying. If the car is hit badly, affecting the machinery system, it should not be purchased because the risk of damage in the future is quite high.

? Is there a way to look up the car with any traffic accident?

Reply: There are a number of applications available that can look up a vehicle in a traffic accident.

? Where did you sell a car?

Reply: Currently, there are many centers specializing in buying cars with accidents. You can search online.

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