How to check typing speed, 10-finger typing ability

How to check typing speed, 10-finger typing ability

If you do not know how to check your typing speed is fast or slow or how compared to the general ground, with the 10-finger typing test tool in the article below will help you to have sentences. answer the most accurately on today’s most standard typing speed tests.

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Typing 10 fingers proficiently will make your work complete faster, and moreover, you will become more professional in the eyes of your colleagues and boss, there are many ways you can practice typing 10 fingers, however, the fastest way is to use the software or tools to support 10-finger typing online.

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Tip 10-finger typing speed test

There are a lot of applications and software both offline and online to help users test their typing speed with many supported languages ​​such as English, French, German, Chinese … and Vietnamese. . Let ElectrodealPro review online tools to help you check your typing ability. In addition you can also use 10-finger typing practice software such as TypingMaster Pro or Typing Reflex …

Test your typing speed, 10-finger typing ability

Typing speed test results will be calculated by:

CPM: Charater per minute – ie the number of characters you type in 1 minute.
WPM: Word per minute is the number of words you type in 1 minute.

Standard typing speed and evaluation method are classified according to the following levels:

– Low typing speed, slow typing: Below 60 WPM
– Average typing speed: From 60 to 100 WPM
– High typing speed: From 100 WPM to 140 WPM.
– Professional typing speed: Over 140 WPM.

To test typing speed when typing Vietnamese, users need to install Vietnamese typing software such as Vietkey, Unikey.

– Download Vietkey here.
– Download Unikey here.

To type fast, you will have to spend time practicing typing skills. While practicing typing and editing text, you should need quick typing tips to help you type correctly and fastest to improve typing speed. You choose one of the text typing software below, apply proficient skills in writing 10 fingers and apply these standard text typing tips and the fastest that ElectrodealPro introduced, your typing speed will definitely improve and improve day by day.

1. Tapdanhmay
There are many online tools that help us test typing speed like address tapdanhmay is one of them. Readers can access HERE to test your typing speed now.
It’s still basically a systematic random typing exercise out of the thousands of archives, participants have to hit within 1 minute.

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The system will automatically correct errors immediately and differentiate them red line (misspelled) and green Blue (benchmark) so that the person checking the typing speed is known.
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And after 1 minute will tell you what your typing speed is, how many wrong words and how much is currently ranked compared to those who have typed in this website.
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However, this is not the only feature that tapdanhmay gives users. There are many other features waiting for users to discover, ElectrodealPro believes that this will be the most effective tool for those who test typing speed or practice typing with 10 fingers.

2. 10fastfingers

Visit website HERE

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Step 2: Type the words that appear in the box above into the empty box below, you will only have 1 minute to type, type as quickly as possible.

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3. TypingTest

You can access the web here

Next is TypingTest, with TypingTest, you can choose the language to test including English, French, Dutch … Here also shows the time for you to perform from there that give the level and how much your typing ability
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4. Learn 2 Type

You can access the web here

With Learn 2 Type you can see how many characters you type in a minute. After you click Test me, you will get results after the test, and also display the number of characters that you typed incorrectly.
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5. Typing Speed ​​Test

You can access the web here

Finally, Typing Speed ​​Test, although at No. 4, but Typing Speed ​​Test is not inferior to the previous tools. With a simple interface, you just need to visit the website and conduct the test, after finishing you can share the results with friends on social networks for comparison.
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Above is a collection of 4 online tools to help you test your typing speed as well as your 10-finger typing ability. In addition to these online tools, you can also learn how to type 10 g with utility software like Typing Trainer or reference. 10-finger typing technique here.


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