How to check the interior when buying a used car

Interior inspection is an important step to do when buying a used car as it will help to accurately assess the usage and actual condition of the car.

Next Check old car machines, check car paint, check the odometer, Check the chassis number – the engine number… Then checking the interior is also important. Because this is an area that will help buyers assess the use and actual condition of the vehicle.

How to check the interior when buying a used car

Check the steering wheel

Checking the steering wheel will partly help buyers assess whether the car has been used more or less. With car old car Used a lot, especially cars 10 years old, the steering wheel often peels off and becomes rough if covered with leather. And with bare plastic steering wheel will be worn, peeling paint …

When buying a used car, carefully check the steering wheel to see if it is old, peeling

Check the boot / start button

This part is used a lot so it will easily wear out. So don’t forget to check this area carefully.

Check the gear lever

The gearshift position is also where the driver is frequently in contact. With older vehicles using a lot, the leather cover on the outside of the gear lever is often worn and peeled.

Check brake / gas pedal (or clutch pedal).

When buying a used car, check the brake / throttle area with the vehicle carefully automatic transmission and brake / throttle / clutch pedal with the vehicle gearbox. Consider wear and deterioration. In addition, when driving a test drive, pay attention to feel the operating status of the accelerator / brake / clutch quickly and stable or not.

Taplo surface test

Pay attention to the car taplo surface. Its new age will tell us how much it is used. If you see signs such as discoloration, cracks, peeling … that means the car has been used a lot, often exposed to the sun without cover, making the taplo surface deteriorate quickly.

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Double check the taplo surface for discoloration, cracks

Check out the entertainment system

The entertainment system is one of the important parts to check when buying a used car. Buyers should try out all the entertainment features from car DVD monitor, system car speaker… see if it’s working properly. If the vehicle has connectivity features USB, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto… should also try them all.

Check car air conditioner

Air-conditioning system car It is also an extremely important part of the car because it affects a lot. Due to the high frequency used, the air conditioning system is also a part that is prone to malfunction. So need to check carefully.

Should turn on the air conditioner for a long time to be able to test accurately. Try switching to different modes to check your performance. Listen to the sound when the air conditioner works. If the air conditioner has strange noises, a lot of noise, has slow cooling, it smells bad… it means that it is malfunctioning.

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Need to carefully check the car air-conditioning system because this part is used a lot, it is easy to malfunction

Check the interior lighting

When looking at old cars, check the system interior lights. See if the lights in the positions are still in good condition, do they need to be replaced.

Check the car seat

The seat system is one of the most important parts to check when buying a used car. After a long period of use, the car seat will be more or less degraded. This is unavoidable. However, it is also necessary to examine carefully to assess the extent of degradation. If the car seat is too bad, the buyer will have to spend money to upgrade it later.

When checking the car seat, check the leather car seat cover, check the elasticity of the inner foam cushion is still good, check whether the manual / electric seat adjustment mechanism is still working smoothly … In addition, the seat belt system should also be carefully checked.

Check the car’s ceiling

The ceiling is a position many people ignore when checking the old car’s interior while the ceiling is also quite important. Because although there is little contact, the ceiling of the car is easy to stick to dust, smell and smoke because it is often made of felt material. So when buying a used car, pay attention to carefully check the condition of the roof.

Check the car floor

Usually the original car floor is covered with felt. When using it will add carpeting on the floor above. When checking the old car’s interior, the buyer should carefully flip it over Carpet Above, check the felt below for much damage or deterioration.

Examine the sill

This is a place often subject to friction, strong impact. Therefore, the door sills, steps of the car are easily scratched, even degraded. If the vehicle is used door step cladding This situation will get better.

Check the car door

With the car door, need to check the status car door gasket Is it badly degraded, the electric glass door system works well … Besides, it is also necessary to check if the door cladding, door handles are discolored, peeling …

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Should carefully check the status of door cladding, door handles

Check the trunk

Trunk cars are often covered with plastic or have a felt cover. Using a lot, the plastic cladding will be easy to scratch and peel. With felt-like trunks, it’s also easy to ruffle, get dirty, damp and smell bad. So when buying a used car, carefully check the trunk condition.

Car smell

Old cars, if not well cleaned, often have a very unpleasant odor. Therefore, when checking the vehicle if it smells heavy, you should pay attention. By work car deodorizer old is not easy.

Note when checking the interior when buying a used car

In the process of checking the old car’s interior, if it is found that any part is newer than the general condition of the car’s interior, it is likely that it has been replaced. Buyers should also note to check the extra mode details if any. Besides, you should also pay attention to check whether the car has signs of recognizing the refund of the taxi to avoid buying mistakenly.

Buyers should not underestimate the vehicle interior inspection because the car’s interior condition will greatly affect the car’s aesthetics and future use experience. If the interior details are much degraded, the owner of the car will have to upgrade and refurbish it at a small cost.

Therefore, although the car’s interior is not as important as the operating system, it is also necessary to carefully examine. Buyers can use interior condition as a bargaining point to get a better price.

Duy Anh

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