How to check the engine of an old car, whether it has been broken down or not?

How to check the engine of an old car, whether it has been broken down or not?

To accurately assess the engine condition when buying a used car, we can apply the methods of checking old motorbikes and recognizing that the vehicle has a rear engine.

The engine is the most important part of a vehicle car, determines the performance of the vehicle. So when buying a car old car need to carefully check the engine.

How to check old car engine

1. Check the capo cap

This is the part that protects the engine system when placed in the front compartment. Therefore, by observing carefully the capo is also How to check for an accidental old car Whether or not the car has had a collision affecting the engine or not.

First, try to check how heavy the cap is when lifted. The correct cap must ensure the manufacturer’s specified weight.

Next check the details of the capo cap. If you see any part with rough and inconsistent paint, it is likely that it has been removed or replaced. Continue to check the lead lines of the capo cap. The cap with “zin” intact will have an even lead and normal elasticity. Outsiders can imitate, but to make identical lead lines of the “zin” cap is impossible.

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You should check the capo before checking the engine of an old car

The edges of the lid should also be checked for deformation of the welding mound or have been replaced, especially the pin in the capo cap. With a lot of old cars, the cap will often rust. If it is new, it may have been replaced.

2. Inspect the engine compartment

The first thing to observe is all the details of the engine compartment system after opening the capo. If more new details appear than the rest, it is likely that the machine system has been “touched”. One way to tell when a car is broken is easy is to see if the screw bolts are loose, there are signs of opening or replacing.

Every detail of the car engine is marked by the manufacturer with color paint. Forging these paint marks is not difficult. However, it is still difficult to completely resemble the old one. If a buyer eye can still detect. This is the simplest way of assessing the “zin” level of a motorcycle.

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Carefully check the screw details, paint marks around the old car engine

There will be a connecting wire between the details of the machine system. They are also marked with a stamp or stamp of the firm. Since it is an old car, this part of the rope is usually no longer new. If it is found that the wiring system is too new and not identical, it may have been changed.

Check for any distortion inside the engine compartment. If the car has been hit badly, it is very difficult to mound like new so it will definitely leave traces.

Although many people consider buying a car with a broken engine is sometimes good because the car has been repaired, “restored”. However, if the vehicle has a modified engine system too much, the efficiency and durability will not be the same as before.

In addition, it is also advisable to check all the trademark printing details on the engine cover for any unusual signs.

3. Listen to vehicle threads

Listening to the engine problem will help the buyer somewhat judge the engine condition. Start the engine and stand near the engine compartment to listen. According to the experience of checking old cars, if the engine sound is steady and smooth, you can be assured because it is a sign that the engine is still working well. On the contrary, if the engine is unusually loud, accompanied by strong vibration, the engine is likely to be in trouble.

4. Listen for engine sounds

Noise when the engine is running is also a good measure to evaluate the quality of the motorcycle. To check, let the engine run for a few minutes (note not to shift) and listen to the engine. If the machine does not run smoothly, there are hissing sounds, hissing sounds, or other strange noises, there is a problem with the machine system.

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Running noise indicates the state of the car engine

In addition to noise, you should also be aware of abnormal vibrations in the car, especially at the steering wheel. If there is abnormal vibrations emitted when the air conditioner is fully turned on, the engine is running low. Steering wheel injuries often need to be verified through a test drive.

5. Check the engine temperature

One way to check an old car engine is to check the engine temperature. First, let the car turn on for about 5 minutes. Then touch the safe positions on the engine. If after 5 minutes the engine is not too hot, the engine-cooling system works normally. Conversely, if you start the engine for about 2 – 5 minutes but the engine is hot and can not touch your hands, it will indicate a problem with the engine.

6. Test drive

Test drive will help buyers feel most clearly the car engine condition. When testing an old car, try to test on many types of roads, terrain type as possible such as: crowded streets, long roads or highways, poor and rugged roads, steep roads (possible for cars climbing slopes in the parking garage of the shopping malls) …

When testing old cars, try to test on as many types of roads and terrain as possible

The reason is that when walking in the street at an average speed, the motorbike system can operate very stably, run smoothly and smoothly, but with other roads, it is not certain. It takes a test drive of different types of roads to allow the vehicle to easily reveal weaknesses.

With the road, it will be possible to test the car’s acceleration. If the vehicle is sluggishly accelerating, it is clear that the engine is in trouble or the power is no longer the same. With the highest pass, the steepest slope will test the vehicle’s traction. If the vehicle climbs hard, it proves that the vehicle engine has lost its toughness.

Some tips on how to view old car engine is that when you test drive, turn on the air conditioner at maximum capacity to put more pressure on the engine system. Try putting the car in more extreme than usual driving situations like pressure gear, depress the accelerator … to accurately check the vehicle’s operating system status.

7. Watch out for the Check Engine light

The Check Engine light is the engine fault indicator. If the light is on, there is a malfunction in the engine. In the process of checking an old car, if the Check Engine light is on, it’s best to check it carefully.

When the Check Engine light is on, the vehicle engine is faulty

8. Check for excess

With oil motorcycles, it is easier to check the excess gas. Because the machine is often running strong, the flow is a bit excess, so it is easy to feel. To check for excess gas, just leave the engine running, open the engine oil cap and place your hand on the top of the lid. If you feel the push on your hand does not have black smoke, it means the engine is fine.

9. Observe the exhaust pipe

Some older cars have “worn out” engines that often emit a spark in the exhaust. The ignition spark plug does not burn all fuel or the fuel is pumped too much into the explosion chamber, causing the vehicle to appear fire gushing from the vehicle’s explosion tube. In addition, damaged electrical system, engine sensor, exhaust sensor will cause the above phenomenon. Therefore, if you see a fire coming out of the exhaust of the car, check the spark plugs, exhaust system, electrical system and engine sensors of the vehicle.

In addition, the exhaust color should also be observed. With diesel engine, if the exhaust gas is black, dark brown, light blue, white … the engine is having problems, while the light brown color means the engine is working well. With gasoline engine cars, white, black / black blue exhaust … are also signs that the engine is having problems. Colorless or light blue exhaust is a good engine.

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It is important to observe carefully the color of the exhaust gas when checking old cars

The engine is like the “heart” of a car. If the engine has problems, the performance of the vehicle will be severely affected, and repair will be very expensive. Therefore, when buying a used car, it is necessary to carefully check the engine.

If you are the first time buying a car, do not have much experience, you should look to the old car inspection service professional to be able to give the most accurate car rating.

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Frequently asked questions about old car machine inspection

? Should I buy a car with an engine?

Reply: Whether or not a car has been hacked depends on the reason of the engine. If the vehicle is broken by an accident, a water attack, a taxi with a refund … undergoes a “overhaul”, it is clear that you should not buy it. If the car is old, after rebuilding the engine is quieter, it can be considered.

? How do I know if a car is broken?

Reply: To identify a car with a broken engine you can check the capo, the screw system in the engine compartment …

? What should be checked when checking old car engines?

Reply: When checking the engine of an old car, check the capo, engine compartment, engine engine sound, engine sound, engine temperature, Check Engine light, excess gas, exhaust gas and test drive …

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