How to check if the phone supports 4G?
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 How to check if the phone supports 4G?

How to check if the phone supports 4G?

When the information about Vietnam officially providing 4G network was born, the telecom carriers also quickly made necessary changes to serve users. And recently, the three largest carriers in Vietnam have allowed users to switch to using 4G sim to be able to use and have a more perfect experience with a faster mobile network.

However, one thing that is quite inadequate is that almost no smartphone user knows how to check if their phone can use 4G or not? Or how can I check if my phone supports 4G? Therefore, this article will give you a little tip to see if your phone can use 4G?

Which iPhone can use 4G network?

If you are using an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, you can do the following:

Step 1: From the main screen, go to the icon Settings – Settings.

Step 2: Then choose to enter Cellular – Cellular / Cellular Data Options – Cellular data options

Which phone can use 4g?Check if your phone supports 4G

Step 3: On item Voice – Voice and search within to see if there is LTE (stands for Long Term Evolution) or not?

  • If there is LTE: Your device can use 4G networks.
  • Without LTE: Cannot use 4G network.

Check 4G on Android devices

Checking support for using 4G on iOS phones is simpler and easier than using Android devices. And often high-end devices (from iPhone 5, 5S or higher) can use. The testing on Android devices is not the same (depending on the device) but you can also rely on the following suggestion:

Step 1: You also access inside Settings – Settings of equipment. Choose to More networks – More …

Step 2: Continue to choose Mobile networks.

Step 3: Look in the new item interface Network mode and select it to check, if there is a 4G display, this phone is supported and vice versa.

In addition, there is an easy way to use it, you try to check the information on the internet or at some online sales websites. Because there are many pages that will write and give you details about the specifications of that machine (including these connection standards).

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