How to check if the car water pump has a problem

How to check if the car water pump has a problem

A car water pump is a part that helps to ensure the efficiency of the cooling system, thereby maintaining a constant engine temperature.

As mentioned above, a car water pump is responsible for accelerating water flow in the structure of a car’s water-cooling system. Normally, car water pumps have a fairly simple structure but are quite effective. An overview of the structure of a water pump for cars including pump body, pump shaft, disc and impeller. In a car cooling system, water goes from the car’s radiator structure to some other parts and to the car’s water pump. With the principle of centrifugal pump, the pump disc will rotate to help water be sucked into the center of the disc and thanks to the centrifugal force, push out the pump in a spiral. From there, the cooling system will have a tube placed on the pump to cool along the car engine.

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Structure of car water pump

However, if the car coolant pump fails, the water pump will no longer be ineffective or unstable. This will cause the car cooling system to no longer function well. So you should be aware of some signs that your car’s water pump system is malfunctioning so that you can provide timely solutions.

Liquid leak

If you notice a yellow or green liquid leaking under your vehicle. The main cause is often broken water pump joints. However, it is not only the damaged pump that causes fluid leakage, but also many other causes such as broken cooling system wiring.

Leakage of solution is blue and the main reason is often broken water pump at joints

The car has strange sounds

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Do you hear some strange noises coming from the water pump of a car? If that is the case, then it is precisely one of the signs that the pump seal belt is sagging. And the main cause of those sagging belts is either a damaged bearing or a loose pulley.

A strange noise is made from the vehicle pump due to the sagging belt on the pump

The car engine is hotter than usual

It is normal for a car’s engine to heat up when circulating on the road. But if the engine gets hotter every day, it could be because your water pump has malfunctioned, making the coolant pump pressure no longer stable. The reason for this is mainly because when used for a long time, the cooling water will degenerate and react with impurities that cause some corrosive substances to arise. From there, these chemicals will corrode the blades – a part that always has to work in high intensity and high temperature.

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The car engine is too hot

Alarm clock is abnormal

When the thermo indicator is running unstable, chances are your pump has been damaged. As mentioned above, a damaged water pump will cause an unstable pressure. That leads to a number of problems related to the cooling system, making the system inefficient. And from there it makes the temperature in the car engine abnormally, at low and high. And the heat meter has also gone from there that didn’t work well.

The temperature meter is not stable

Smoke and steam are coming from the car engine

When this happens, it proves that the cooling system in general and the car’s water pump details in particular have been quite faulty. At that time, you should stop the traffic and turn off the engine as quickly as possible. Next, you should immediately call the rescue number for quick fixes. Avoid running down, causing further damage to the engine of the motorcycle due to overloading and other serious consequences such as engine fire.


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Some notes when checking and replacing the water pump in the car

You should check your car’s cooling system periodically, when there are signs of slight malfunction in the water pump, you should also actively replace it as soon as possible. Avoid the case of too long, the car water pump will be damaged more severely. When replacing equipment such as the car’s water pump, skilled technicians are required to avoid damage to other accessories around. Do not replace the water pump without the permission of a technician.

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You should consider the types of car water pump prices carefully. Normally, car water pumps usually cost between 300,000 and 1,000,000 VND, depending on the pump type and different capacities. Therefore, you need to find out exactly what type of pump your vehicle is using to avoid pumping insufficient or insufficient capacity.

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