How to check if the car has been repainted, to check the old car grid

How to check if the car has been repainted, to check the old car grid

paint Vehicle and copper plate are two important factors to check check when buying a used car. After This is the way Check the painted vehicle, check the old car’s copper staging.

Paint the car is the “shield” to protect the copper array against the impacts of the environment. Therefore, if the vehicle paint is degraded, it will also affect the inner copper casing, reducing the value of vehicle use.

However when going to buy a car old carMany people are not really interested in the issue of painting because they think they can repaint their cars. This is again one of the wrong buying car old popular. Because according to the experience of inspecting old cars of longtime car workers, the quality of the paint not only affects the aesthetics but also partly shows the actual condition of the inner copper system.

How to recognize and check the car has been repainted

Car paint after 3-5 years of use will begin to show signs of deterioration in gloss and color, such as silver paint, no longer shiny as before. when the repainting the carPeople can mix paint according to the genuine paint number – the “zin” paint color of the car. However, it will not be possible to “copy” the degree of fading of the car’s paint. Therefore, if the car is repaired, there will be a difference between the new paint and the old paint.

To check the status of car paint should use a flashlight to carefully examine every detail. Under the light of the flashlight, the buyer can clearly see the scratches, spots … on the car’s paint if any.

When checking car paint, if the paint of an old car is still “zin”, the paint color and gloss will be even, there is no difference between region and region. Here’s how to tell if a vehicle has been repainted.

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To recognize whether the vehicle has been repainted or not, it is necessary to observe whether the car’s paint color and gloss are even

However, buying a used car cannot be too demanding. Because in the process of using it more or less, it is difficult to avoid the collision, collision … Therefore, when checking the old car’s paint, if you see the easy-collision positions such as the front corner, the rear corner … there is a trace of paint patch. miles is also normal. Buyers can use this when negotiating prices.

But if it detects a lot of paint and repair traces, it is likely that the car has had a crash or a serious accident. In the case of an old car, but the paint is too new, there is no trace of paint patching, it should be considered. It is likely that the car has been completely repainted.

On the other hand, when checking the car’s paint, if there are a lot of paint streaks that are patchy, blistering, etc., you should also pay attention. Because the car may have been repainted, but the quality of the paint or the painting technique has problems causing the paint to deteriorate quickly.

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Be careful when you see car paint streaks that are patchy, blistering …

Inspection of vehicle paint needs to be specially checked in the transition areas, between the steel plates of the inner copper frame. If you see that the paint color is out of the way, the car may have been in a collision, leading to a replacement or mound in that area.

How to check and evaluate old car castings

Auto copper cast is part of the car shell, made up of steel plates. Besides the engine, box number, chassis, interior …, the copper frame is one of the parts that need to be carefully checked. Because through the test the field can assess the vehicle condition. This is also one of these How to check for an accidental old car.

When checking the copper, first pay attention to the embossed / sunken lines on the body of the vehicle, capo … Because these stamping lines are often very difficult to weld the mound back. If you feel that the stamping lines are not clear, uneven, the paint is not evenly colored, it means that the vehicle has had a crash and has to be repaired.

When checking the copper platform, check the ribbed stamping lines on old cars

Second, it is necessary to pay attention to the edges such as the wheel arch area, the edge of the car door, the edge of the trunk cover, the rim of the capo … These positions are also very difficult to weld as the original. So it’s easy to spot if there are signs of paint repair.

In the process of checking the old auto castings, if there are signs of collision outside, it depends on the acceptable situation or not. But if you detect signs on the inside of the capo, you should consider carefully. Because it is possible that the car has been hit badly, not only the body shell but also the engine system. When this is needed check the car engine very carefully.

Finally, you need to check the sink nails of the luggage compartment lid, door rim and engine compartment rim. If these nail marks are intact, it means the vehicle is still “zin” and has not been seriously repaired.

If people who buy a car for the first time and inexperienced in checking and assessing vehicle condition, the buyer can look to the old car inspection service profession. Checking and properly assessing vehicle condition not only helps to accurately price used cars, but also limits the risks of being cheated when buying used cars.

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Frequently asked questions about how to recognize repainted vehicles

? How to recognize repainted car?

Reply: To identify repainted vehicles, it is necessary to observe the painted areas on the vehicle to see if they are even or not, compare the paint paint status to see if it corresponds to the general deterioration of the vehicle or not. If you paint too new or paint a newer area, the vehicle has been repainted.

? What is a car colleague?

Reply: Car bronze making is a technique to repair the body of a car to regain its old shape. Copper painting combines both copper and car painting.

? What does repainting cars prove?

Reply: There are many reasons why car owners repaint their cars. Except for the liking to change the paint color, refurbish the car, most cars were repainted because the car was in an accident that scratched or peeled the paint … There are also cases where the car is repainted to hide the old paint color, often found in reimbursement taxis.

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