How to check gas in car air conditioners

How to check gas in car air conditioners

Using the air conditioner when the amount of gas is less will make the cooling process longer, and the car will consume more fuel.

Checking the gas in the car air conditioner will help the owner to know if the amount of gas in the car is still good, so that the car can be charged at the right time. In addition, if the owner uses a bad quality or the wrong type of cold gas compared to the car manufacturer’s regulations, the car’s coolness may be reduced. The refrigeration system can even be clogged, reducing durability, increasing the risk of fire and explosion in cars. Therefore, in order to prevent improper use of refrigerated gas in accordance with the vehicle, many countries around the world have introduced laws requiring vehicle owners to check the quality and type of refrigerant that has been used for car.

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Checking the air-conditioning is essential

Imagine, just like when people have regular medical examinations, the doctor will take a blood sample from the doctor to check, checking the amount of gas in the car will help the owner to determine the type. like the quality of the refrigerant that cars are using. Checking the cold gas is very important but not complicated, so the owner should not skip this step when taking the car for maintenance. Especially when the car has the following conditions: car air conditioner is not cool, car air conditioner is not cool at times …

How to check the car air conditioner

To check car air-conditioners, vehicle owners need to prepare the following tools:

  • Gas
  • Gas meter
  • The outdoor unit of the car

As the first step, attach the blue wire of the gas meter to the suction line of the air-conditioning heater. The mounting position of the red wire will be the push line of the compressor. Vehicle owners should pay attention not to misplace the vehicle because this will adversely affect the measurement results. Next, attach the yellow wire of the car air conditioner to the meter, then attach it to the gas tank.

The owner should loosen the screw connecting the yellow wire and the gas meter before unlocking the gas cylinder. Gas from the tank will gradually overflow inside the gold wire. When the process is finished, the owner of the vehicle should lock the gas tank quickly. Repeat the operations on the red and green lines so that the gas that is about to be charged does not mix with the air causing the gas to degrade. As a result of metamorphic gas, the compressor is susceptible to failure.

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Cold gas meter

For the screws located at the connection of the gas lines to the suction line, the pushway, the vehicle owner needs to tighten it at least once. To open the suction pipe locks, use the hexagonal locking effective support. Once unlocked, the gas will enter the system and move to the green and yellow ropes. When completing the above steps, the owner should observe the results displayed on the meter. The green meter shows the suction pressure, if the result falls between 65 – 78PSI, the owner can be assured of the quality of the gas.

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3 different color wires to remember when measuring gas

How to charge gas for car air conditioners

Before charging the car air conditioner, the owner should vacuum with a vacuum pump for the air conditioner. The suctioning does not have to be done carefully because if a car gas cylinder remains vacuum, the gas will be mixed with the air when it is transferred in, negatively affecting the car air-conditioning system.

Besides, please pay attention to the low pressure gauge of the vacuum bottle, the number shown must reach 750mmHg. To ensure safety, the owner of the vehicle should cover the low and high valves to check for leakage of these two valves. Then, install the gas valve in the gas filling tank before mounting the meter and the gas filling tank.

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Car air conditioning gas charging

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Next, the car owner needs to close both valves. Don’t forget to make holes in the gas tank cap to release all the air in the pipeline. When filling up the gas, the owner should note that the steps are to close both valves, hole the existing gas tank cap and exhaust all the gas in the pipeline so that the gas goes from the tank to the air conditioning system. While charging the gas, there are two things to keep in mind as follows:

  • Throttle charging starts from high pressure into the system.
  • If the engine has stopped working, the owner will still perform the above operations but need to fully open the high pressure valve. Next, the cylinder is so that it is reasonable with the capacity of the system. The last action is to tightly close the valve to prevent leakage.

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