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How to check battery health on iPhone, Apple Watch and Macbook

How often are you concerned about the health of the battery on your tech devices like the iPhone, Apple Watch or Macbook? With this habit, you will get stable usage on your devices. And right now, I will guide everyone to check the health of their battery on iPhone, Apple Watch and Macbook.
How to check battery health on iPhone, Apple Watch and Macbook

1. For iPhone

The new Battery Health feature added to iPhone displays battery health and recommends you if you need to replace it. You enter Setting > Pin > Battery status. Here, you can manage your iPhone’s battery performance.

  • Maximum capacity: Includes information about maximum battery capacity and maximum operability. Maximum battery capacity measures the device’s battery capacity compared to when it was new. Batteries will have lower capacity as they age. Depending on the time between when iPhone was manufactured and when activated, your battery capacity may show up below 100%. A normal battery is designed to retain 80% of its original capacity at 500 full charge cycles when operating under normal conditions.
  • Peak performance capacity: When the battery condition is able to support peak performance and performance management features are not applicable, you will see this message.
  • Optimized battery charging: With this feature turned on, iPhone will learn your daily charging routine so that it can pause on 80% charge until you wake up to finish charging.

2. For Apple Watch

When you upgrade to watchOS 7, you can check battery health directly on your Apple Watch. Drag the app Setting up and click Pin. You will see a graph of your Apple Watch battery charge for yesterday.

Scroll down and touch Battery HeathYou can see the overall battery capacity of the Apple Watch. Don’t be obsessed with the numbers, for the Apple Watch, you just need to go through the whole day without having to charge the battery in the middle of it is great.

3. For Macbook

Upgrade to macOS Big Sur, you will see that section Energy saving not anymore, but instead an item Pin new. Guess what you get out of this new feature.

Tap it and you’ll get a setting similar to Battery Health on iOS. Can see how much battery you’ve used in the last 24 hours and 10 days and you can access all settings Energy saving previous, including scheduled startup and shutdown for Mac.

Hopefully everyone will manage their Apple technology devices well.

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