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How to check and change the power steering oil


The power steering oil should be checked, replenished or changed periodically. If the car will lack power steering oil, it will easily affect the entire steering system.

What effect does the power steering oil do?

In the system power steering Hydraulic, Power Steering Fluid (Power Steering Fluid) plays a very important role in creating tooth bar thrust, to support the steering wheel to rotate as the driver wants. If the vehicle lacks the power steering fluid, the power steering will be affected. Specifically, when the oil pressure does not reach the required level, the thrust is not enough, leading to heavy oil power steering, slow return …

Power steering oil plays a very important role in the operation of the power steering system

When to change the power steering oil?

According to recommendations from manufacturers car, the time to change the power steering oil periodically is every 60,000 – 80,000 km. Under normal operating conditions, the power steering oil usually drops quickly. However, if you see that the vehicle has the following signs, you should check the power steering oil:

  • The steering system makes strange noises: When the vehicle lacks oil, the steering system will make strange noises, especially when the vehicle is moving slowly.
  • Heavy steering wheel, difficult to rotate: Because the power steering system is malfunctioning, there will be a phenomenon the steering wheel is heavy, difficult to rotate.
  • Return slow drive: In the absence of power steering oil, the oil pressure is reduced, rulers will shift more slowly than usual, causing the steering wheel to slow down.
  • The steering wheel suddenly jerks or vibrates slightly: Sometimes the steering wheel will suddenly vibrate or give a slight jerk, usually when the car is moving slowly.
  • Power steering oil leak: If you see underneath the car, traces may be caused by the steering fluid leak. This is the cause of the loss of power steering oil.

How to check power steering oil

Locate the power steering oil tank

To check the steering fluid oil, first determine where the power steering oil tank is. Normally, steering power steering oil is stored in a container with a cylinder, placed next to the power steering wheel zipper. Material plastic or metal bottles. If you can find a power steering oil tank, check it in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

The oil tank is usually located next to the power steering wheel zipper

Check the amount of oil in the tank

If the cylinder of the steering wheel power oil tank is made of translucent plastic, it is easy to observe the remaining oil level inside the tank. But if the cylinder is made of opaque metal or plastic, you can use a rod to probe the oil. Most of the oil tank cap has the manufacturer attached to the oil gauge.

Before using the dipstick, it is necessary to wipe it thoroughly. Then plug the stick into the jar and take out a look. There are usually maximum and minimum markings on the dipstick or on the oil reservoir. If the oil level is near the minimum or below the minimum, the vehicle is lacking power steering oil.

Check the amount of power steering oil with the oil probe

Check the quality of remaining oil

Besides checking the amount of oil, you should also check the quality of the power steering oil. If the steering wheel power oil is orange or light pink, the oil is still usable. But if the oil is brown or black, the oil is dirty, should not be used again, and need to be replaced.

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The steering wheel fluid oil, if the color is orange or light pink, is still available

In some cases, the power steering oil on the oil probe can be quite colored compared to reality. For accurate testing, just use a white paper towel or a white cloth to wipe the dipstick. Oil color on white paper towels or white cloth is the actual oil color.

How to add power steering oil

Adding power steering oil isn’t too complicated, so it can be done on your own at home. You just need to add power steering oil to the tank up to the standard marked by the manufacturer.

According to the instructions to change the power steering oil from the car manufacturers, do not pour more power oil than the permitted level. Because the power steering oil has the property of expanding easily when heated. So if the car is overfilled, when the car is running, the oil gets warmer, creating great pressure.

After adding more oil, you turn the engine on in place, turn the steering wheel back and forth to eliminate air bubbles in the system. Finally turn off the engine and close the oil tank cap on the car. Note in the process of adding oil to be careful to avoid dust falling into the oil tank.

How to change the power steering oil

In the event that there is a problem with the power steering oil, you should replace the power oil completely. There are 2 ways to change the power steering oil:

Use the Turkey Baster straw

Use the Turkey Baster vacuum to remove all the old oil. Then add new oil is finished. However, when suctioning oil in this way, it is only possible to absorb the oil in the tank, not all of the oil in the system. Hence, a few more steps are needed.

To absorb all the old oil you can use the Turkey Baster suction flask

Specifically, after the first suction, add a little new oil to the tank, then drive for about 15 – 20 minutes to mix the new oil with the old oil. Next, use Turkey Baster to absorb all the oil. Then continue to add new oil, drive and suck the oil out.

After each suction, the oil grade is raised. Doing this 3-4 times can be sure to remove the old oil. In the last time fill the tank with new oil and lock the cap tightly. The process of changing the steering fluid oil is a bit time-consuming, but it saves the need to jack and lift the underbody.

Drain oil

This is more complicated, but you can drain the old power steering oil in one go. Here’s how to change the power steering oil:

  1. Use a car jack to lift the car underneath.
  2. Unplug the oil hose back to the return hose, and replace the plastic hose. Be sure to raise the other end of the plastic tube so that the oil does not drain.
  3. Place the return hose oil in a tub to catch the old oil dripping.
  4. Car engine explosion, drive the steering wheel full circle from left to right and vice versa. This will help the oil in the handlebars run down the return hose.
  5. At the same time, pour new oil into the tank above. Pour continuously until you see the old oil flowing in the pot with the same color as the new oil, then stop.
  6. Turn off the engine, reinsert the return hose, and tighten the nut firmly.
  7. Turn the engine back on, turn the vehicle around from left to right and vice versa to clear the air bubbles in the system.
  8. Check the oil level in the container, if it is not enough, add more to the specified level. Close the oil tank cap.

Power steering oils

Power steering oil is also an oil. However, the properties and grades of power steering oil are different from those of engine oils, train oil… Therefore, car manufacturers often recommend that only special steering power steering oil be changed. If the wrong oil is used, it may adversely affect the power steering system. In an emergency, when you need to change the steering oil, but you cannot buy it, you can use the automatic transmission oil temporarily.

Most of today’s car-driving power oils can be used in all types of cars. However, luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Lexus… will often use genuine power steering oil to ensure the quality is consistent with the vehicle’s power steering system. Therefore, with luxury cars, change the power steering oil directly at the company’s garage.

Price of oil to power the car steering wheel

On the market, there are many products of power steering oil from different brands such as Esnaoil, Freezetone, Mobil, Castrol, Total … The price of car driver assistance oil ranges from 50,000 to 180,000 VND / bottle of 1 liter. The price of replacing the power steering oil is usually higher due to the addition of oil change, but generally it should not exceed 400,000 – 500,000 VND / time.

To ensure the steering system works smoothly and accurately, not only need to check and change the power steering oil but also check and maintain the entire steering system periodically. This will help the steering system work well and avoid errors the car is off-wheel, the car is distracted

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