How to change the language in Office 2019

How to change the language in Office 2019

Changing the language in Office 2019 helps users change to a different language to use instead of using the default language when the installation is English. To change the language in Office is not difficult, in fact, the operation is still very simple. Please follow the detailed instructions on how to change the language on Office in the article below.

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Currently, most software applications allow users to change the language for the most convenient use, and including the Microsoft Office suite. User can easily replace language change in Office 2019 very easy. The language to be changed here can be Vietnamese or any other language if the user wants.

the way to sleep in office 2019

Change the language of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint in Office 2019

If you’ve ever heard of that install Vietnamese Office 2013 good install Vietnamese Office 2016 then for the Office 2019 version, the steps you perform are basically the same as these 2 older versions. For more clarity, follow the next details below!

– Download Office 2019 Follow the link here.

Instructions to change the language Office 2019

Follow the steps below to change the language Microsoft Office 2019:

Step 1: After installing Office 2019 -> open this application (you can open Word, Excel or PowerPoint) -> then click on the menu File on the top left side of the software.

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Step 2: At the new interface that appears -> click on the item Options in the list at the bottom left of the screen.

the way to sleep in office 2019 3

Step 3: Click select Language

the way to sleep in office 2019 4

Step 4: Click Not installed

Next, you will see that the language is Vietnamese, which is not installed (not installed) -> if you want to change to Vietnamese, press select Not installed as shown below.

the way to sleep in office 2019 5

And if you want to add another language -> select the language as shown in the picture and multiply Add to add languages.

the way to sleep in office 2019 6

Step 5: After you press Not installed will be linked to the Vietnamese font download page for Office 2019 => Find and click Download to download Vietnamese fonts for Office 2019. Please note that choosing the correct download package for Office 2019 32 bit or 64 bit to avoid errors during installation.
– See how Check Office version are using here.
– If you want to install another language, select that language and do the same.

the way to sleep in office 2019 7

Step 6: After successful download -> run the file you just downloaded -> then select tiếp tục

the way to sleep in office 2019

Wait a few seconds to install.

the way to sleep in office 2019 9

Office 2019 will be reinstalled in a short period of time. Make sure your network connection is stable.

the way to sleep in office 2019 10

Finally a notification interface you have successfully installed -> click select Close to end the language change for Office 2019

the way to sleep in office 2019 11

Step 7: You open the program Word up -> then do the same as above steps to enter the section Language. Then, you choose the language you want, assuming you choose Vietnamese -> then you choose the Vietnamese language in all 3 boxes as shown below.
Note: The position must be in the first language you want to change, you can click the arrow next to move up or down.
Finally, click select OK.

the way to sleep in office 2019

Click Next OK to restart Word 2019.

How to change to sleep in office 2019

And the result is that the interface of Office 2019 when you open the Word program will have the interface in another language that you desire. The picture below is we change the interface to Vietnamese language, as well as change the interface Word to the original default.

office 2019
Above is the tutorial how language change in Office 2019 help you quickly change the language on office applications such as Word, Exce or Powerpoint you use often, so that the process of manipulating options on these applications is more convenient in the language you are most familiar with . In addition, you guys see how Change the look of Office 2019 here. Wishing you success and enjoyable experience in the interface that you just converted.


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