How to change the background color of Facebook is very simple

How to change the background color of Facebook is very simple

With the guide content to change the background color of Facebook to Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow … fast and simple that ElectrodealPro shares, each of you will have a Facebook interface with your favorite color, each Facebook surfing will find more interesting than the default background color available.

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There are many ways Change Facebook background color as well as tips on Facebook to help users get a better experience on ElectrodealPro. But maybe sometimes readers can not find it and ElectrodealPro is always here, ready to serve readers. In today’s article, ElectrodealPro will introduce to you how to change the background color of Facebook extremely simple.

The quick start of facebook is more simple than you think


How to change Facebook background on computer
How to change the interface of Facebook and Messenger black on Android
How to change the black Facebook interface on iPhone, iPad

How to change the background color of Facebook is extremely simple

Step 1: To be able to change the background color of Facebook we need to use a special tool for Facebook, here ElectrodealPro uses Color Changer for Facebook. An Extension works specially on Google Chrome and Coc Coc browsers.

– Download Color Changer for Facebook on the computer here.

>> Download browser Chrome here.
>> Download browser Coc Coc here.

Step 2: Here you just need to click Add to Chrome to install Color Changer for Facebook into your browser.

light color fast facebook

Step 3: Confirm the Color Changer installation for Facebook by clicking Add extension.

change facebook to another color

Step 4: Wait a moment there will be an announcement Welcome Color Changer for Facebook That means you have successfully installed Facebook background color change.

The quicker of Facebook is more simple than you think 4

Step 5: Now you just need to go to Facebook after that click on the icon Color Changer for Facebook, right after that you can choose a theme according to your liking. Just click on it and you will see the background color change immediately.

The quicker to use facebook is easier than you think 5

Step 6: Back to your Facebook will see more specifically which parts of your Facebook interface have been changed and if not suitable you can re-edit.

fasten facebook fast

Step 7: Here Color Changer for Facebook allows you to tweak everything including all sections, writing. If you are not fluent in English, do not worry too much because any changes will appear immediately.

make the facebook become fast

Step 8: You can customize the color or use according to the color scheme if you want, this editing is completely custom or otherwise you can automatically create a new theme for yourself.

fasten facebook

Step 9: Note that after changing the background color, you must save it to be counted, and changing the background color of Facebook is not necessary because just click on it is automatically for you.

speed up facebook on PC

And the final result is the most satisfactory result after changing the background color of Facebook, Color Changer for Facebook is a completely free Add-on so you can use most of its functions. Users are allowed to add all the colors they want to change the background color of Facebook.

Above is the guide to change the background color of Facebook, with the guide to change the interface of Facebook will help you to customize your Facebook with the best sharpening from the bar to buttons, text displayed. If you are bored with the colors of the default interface on Facebook then why not try using Color Changer for Facebook.

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