How to change language in Camtasia 9

How to change language in Camtasia 9

Camtasia Studio 9 tool supports many different languages ​​so users can change the language at will. Changing languages ​​in Camtasia 9 will help users more convenient to learn features and handle tasks when performing screen recording or video editing.

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How to change language in Camtasia 9 is the keyword that many users search for. However, this version only supports one language, English. According to the publisher, additional languages ​​are added starting from version 10 onwards. So in this article we will guide how to change the language for the latest version of Camtasia.

The latest version of Camtasia provides users with 7 different languages, besides English, you can also find other languages ​​such as German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. . Unfortunately This software does not support changing languages ​​in the working interface. So the solution for you now is to select the language right from the software installation step. Details of the steps are as follows:

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Change English language to French, Chinese, Japanese for Camtasia

How to change language in Camtasia

Step 1: Download the latest Camtasia software to your computer.

=> Link to download Camtasia Studio for Windows

Step 2: Double-click (or right-click and choose Open) on the software to install.

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Step 3: The first window that appears is the language selection. By default, the software will select English as the main language. To change the language, click on the arrow icon in the outer corner.

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Step 4: Select the language to install the software. Here I choose the language is French (Francais)

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After the successful installation process, you will receive the working interface of Camtasia software completely in French.

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Above are instructions on how to change the language in Camtasia 9. In addition to screen recording and video editing, you can also make videos from photos with Camtasia. Great software will help you turn discrete photos into unique photo slideshows to send to relatives, friends or share on social networks.

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