How to change Firefox Proxy, change the ip address on Firefox

How to change Firefox Proxy, change the ip address on Firefox

Sometimes you can not access Facebook, or there are many online promotions but limited to some countries that are not the country you live in … You are not sure what to do, then Taimienphi guide you to Proxy application for Firefox browser to change the IP address.

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Do you know how to change Proxy on Firefox browser yet? Follow the article below to know how to do this, with this way you can change the IP address while surfing the web, both access to many blocked websites and help secure personal information.

Instructions to change Proxy on Firefox browser

First you have to know the Proxy of the country you want to change, by searching at websites like: or, …

Let’s say you want to change your Proxy to Italian Proxy.

Step 1: You go to, select By country

How to change the proxy

Step 2: Scroll down select Italy:

After selecting the country of Italy you will see a list of Proxies in Italy, choose any one (SSL must be True to use)

Step 3: Back to Firefox, click the button Tools then press Options:

(Want to show button Tools Then you right click on an empty area in the box to type the web address, check it Menu bar)

Step 4: Then you select the cards as shown below:

Step 5: Next you tick the line Manual proxy configuration , and enter the proxy you just found above and click ok à ok
Above we have instructed you how to change Proxy on Firefox browser. As a result, you can easily access websites blocked by your country, … and keep personal information secure on the internet.


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