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How to change facebook cover photos on computers, phones


Facebook is one of the famous social networks that many people use. Changing your Facebook cover photo helps you refresh your personal page, increasing your engagement even more. However, how to change the Facebook cover photo on your phone and computer, please follow ElectrodealPro’s article below.

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You are wondering how to change Change facebook cover photo? When you first use facebook, this is a question that when we do not know it becomes too difficult but do not worry or follow the steps below.

How to use Facebook beer on mobile phones and computers

Instructions to change facebook cover photos on computers, phones

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Article Contents:
1. How to change the facebook cover image on the computer.
2. How to change the facebook cover photo on the phone.

Prepare: Find yourself a picture that you find best and save it to a directory where you can use it as your facebook cover photo (you can go to the dashboard Facebook cover photo to choose for yourself a beautiful cover photo).

1. How to change the facebook cover image on the computer

Step 1: Login to your facebook account. If you do not have a Facebook account, then you sign up for a Facebook account. See the instructions Sign up for Facebook.

wait for him on facebook beer on computer

Step 2: Go to your profile page and click on the section Cover photo updates.

User guide facebook facebook on simple computer

Step 3: Here there are 4 options for you.

Choose From Photos (Choose from photos in the album): Are pictures that you have uploaded on the wall or you created an album already on Facebook.
Upload Photos (Upload pictures from a computer): These are images on your computer.
Reposition (Image control): Controls the picture to the correct position you want.
Remove (Delete): Delete the cover photo (you won’t have the cover photo anymore).
Here will guide you how to upload pictures from a computer -> choose the button Upload Photos (Upload pictures from a computer).

Change the image of facebook beer on the most simple computer

Step 4: In this example we will select an image from a computer. A window appears allowing you to select the image you want as the cover image Facebook ->choose an image-> Select Open.

How to fix facebook beer on your computer

Step 5: Control the position of the cover image you want and after you control the image position, continue to press the button Save Change (Save Changes) to complete the cover photo change process.

How do you want the fb beer on your computer?

Step 6: This is the look and feel of the Facebook cover photo after it has been successfully changed!

User interface on facebook on the most simple computer

2. How to change the facebook cover photo on the phone

Step 1: In the Facebook interface on your phone, you select the dash icon and choose Facebook want to change the cover photo, then you continue to select the item Edit in personal page

How to change your facebook beer on your phone

Step 2: You choose how to choose a cover photo such as uploading photos from your device, choosing photos on Facebook …., this article will use the way choose artwork.

How to change your Facebook photo on your mobile phone

Step 3: You choose a photo to change as a new Facebook cover photo and choose NextNext, you can edit the photo display area selection by dragging the image, selecting Save to complete.

How to change fb beer on mobile phones

Step 4: Finally you will see the new Facebook cover photo has been changed.

the way of maintaining facebook on your mobile phone is the most simple

With the simple steps above, changing the Facebook cover photo is no longer a problem for you. You can freely change your own unique, stylish wallpapers for your Facebook profile.

If you are the manager of a group on Facebook, change it Facebook group cover photo change Just as easy as changing your personal facebook cover photo.
On Facebook there are many videos posted with many different content, if you cannot watch them all, you can download Facebook videos to your computer or phone to watch in your free time, there are many ways to help you download videos. Facebook like using software or online websites. Good luck!



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