How to change DNS to enter VOZ

How to change DNS to enter VOZ

VOZ is an informatics and technology forum that gathers a lot of talents in Vietnam, but to be able to access this forum we have to change DNS to VOZ, the following guide will help you change DNS to VOZ with DNS type standard for VOZ today.

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Change DNS to VOZ This is the only way that you can apply today, currently no one can clarify the problem why the DNS must be changed to VOZ, there are many reasons given as well as depending on the new carrier. can enter. However, that doesn’t matter when we can get into VOZ and know a new trick.

how to put into voz

To be able to change DNS to VOZ we will use Google’s DNS server, the most popular DNS type today, and the following guide will help you how to change DNS Google on a computer. In case your computer can not access VOZ, please change DNS Google with the following method.

Instructions to change DNS to VOZ

Step 1: To change DNS to VOZ we first open Start Menu up then type Control Panel and access to the results. With Windows 7, there is no need to type search because it appears immediately after pressing the Start Menu.

How to change into voz 2

Step 2: Here you access to continue View network status and tasks.

How to change into voz 3

Step 3: Next we click on the section Connections, here shows the wired network or WiFi depending on the network you are using.

How to change into voz 4

Step 4: As in this example we are using WiFi, in WiFi Status or click Properties.

How to change into voz 5

Step 5: Here you can easily see that an item is Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4) Double click on it to continue.

How to change into voz 6

Step 6: Here you click Use the following DNS server addresses and fill in the following address line: and below it is then press OK.

How to change into voz 7

Or use Google’s DNS with the address and below it is

How to change into voz 8

Both 2 DNS will help you enter VOZ easily, these are the 2 best DNS so far if you want to change DNS to VOZ.

how to put into place 9
Above is how to change DNS to VOZ, it’s simple, isn’t it. In addition, the use of Google’s DNS also helps us to speed up web surfing. Recently there is also a new DNS server service that has access speed even faster than Google which is CloudFlares DNS, if you are interested, you can also. DNS change To experience and compare it with DNS Google offline. And in addition, DNS also helps you to access that Voz Forum.


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