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How to change commas to dots in Corel


The problem of converting commas to dots in Corel is quite important because some computational values ​​during the design process are prone to error by distinguishing between dots and commas, for those who are using CorelDRAW for needed design. Pay attention to this issue.

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Basically work change commas to dots in Corel Not on every computer, every PC has to do, but it happens when you accidentally set it up earlier or because the version of Windows you install is Vietnamese. Specifically, according to the convention in Corel we know 25.5 mm = 25, 5 mm, but many times you enter 25.5 mm, the CorelDRAW system mistakenly turns 255 mm. And its main cause is due to the wrong convention of dots, commas in Corel.

How to start the pain in the corel

Actually changing commas into dots in Corel must be set up on the computer system because on Corel absolutely does not have this feature. And CorelDRAW is also not able to recognize in our language due to the somewhat different European and Asian standards of dots and commas. This also affects anyone who is using Excel. However, we can set comma to dot conversion in Excel because this is a feature available in Excel, of course in addition to converting commas to dots in Excel, the Windows system setting also solves the above problem. and the same thing with changing commas to dots in Corel.

Instructions to change commas to dots in Corel

Step 1: To change the comma into a period in Corel, the thing to do is to reset the Region, and we have to set it up in the Control Panel, to access the Control Panel on Windows 10, all you need to do is open. Start Menu up then type Control Panel then access the search results.

How to start the head bar in corel 2

Step 2: In the Control Panel, look down and select Clock, Language, and Region. Here will allow to convert commas to dots in Corel.

Tooling methods in corel 3

Step 3: In Clock, Language, and Region select next Region.

Tooling methods in corel 4

Step 4: And in the Region section select the item Format, in the Format subdivision look down the bottom will be Additional settingsPlease click on this section as it will allow us to convert commas to dots in Corel.

Tooling methods in corel 5

Step 5: In this we will see two main lines of concern are Decimal Symbol and Digit Grouping Symbol, to change the comma. Before changing commas into dots in Corel, let’s learn through these 2 lines.

– Decimal Symbol: This is the decimal separator like 0.01 or 0.02.

– Digit grouping symbol: This is the separator between unit numbers like 1,000 or 20,000.

Tooling methods in corel 6

And to change the comma to a dot in Corel, all you need to do is change the value of Decimal Symbol and Digit Grouping Symbol against each other, so all settings will return to the correct standard including changing the comma to a period in Corel.

Above is a guide to help you change commas into dots in Corel extremely simple. This is a basic error in Corel that users can fix due to the inconsistent regulation only.
Corel users will encounter a lot of difficulties during use, especially in the beginning. To limit that, learning Corel keyboard shortcuts is one of the basic steps that cannot be ignored and if you do not know the full use of Corel shortcuts, learn it right now.



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