How to change colors, styles images on Fotor

How to change colors, styles images on Fotor

Learning how to transform image colors on Fotor will help you transform and master one of the best image editing tools out there. What is better than when you can create pictures that make others admire.

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Fotor is a cross-platform professional photo editing service that users love. The advantage of Fotor compared to many other software like Photoshop or Photoscape is that you can edit photos with Fotor simply and professionally without worrying about the support platform limitation.

How to style pictures on fotor

As is well known, colors play an important role in creating the emotion of the photo. Cold tones feel sad while warm tones evoke aura and a hint of intensity in the image. Therefore, if you can adjust the harmonious tones and the right purpose, you can create a very great photo.

In this tutorial of ElectrodealPro, we will show you how to most effectively combine colors and tones to create your own effect and style.

Download Fotor for PC: Download Fotor

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Change colors, styles for images on Fotor

Step 1: After opening the Fotor app, choose the function Edit and keep hitting custom Curves in the control panel on the left side.

Colorless hair style image on fotor

Step 2: Here, Fotor offers RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color groups popular in image editing. Besides, you can also choose your own 3 colors including Red (red), Blue (blue) and Green (green) for photo editing.

Step 3: Drag and drop the color chart bar to start animate the image.

Stylish trendy photo style on fotor


– For red: When dragged towards the left hand, the image will be more warm tones, particularly red. Meanwhile, if dragged to the right, the color of the image will gradually fall to cool tones.

– For blue color: When dragged to the left, cool tone (blue) is displayed. If pulled backwards, the image colors will be more warm tones (yellow).

– For green: Dragging the bar to the left will be a cool (green) color and a warm (purple) tone to the right.

– For RGB colors: When pulled to the right hand will be white and black on the opposite side. These are two intermediate colors, so they have no effect on the image.

Some images illustrate changes if different tones are applied:

Stylish design on fotor style

Stylish trendy photo style on fotor

Colorless hair style image on fotor

However, keep in mind that the most impressive photos sometimes come from incredibly simple, yet subtle colors. If you have bad photos for some reason, Fotor can be your lifesaver if you want to look fresher.

In addition to photo and color editing features, Fotor is also a professional tool in creating photo frames, frames, simpler than Collage photos into the frame with Fotor just through a few taps with the built-in toolkit described by quite detailed icons.
There are also some photo collage features that are quite similar to Fotor, the PhotoScape app. You can learn how to edit and edit images professionally with PhotoScape through ElectrodealPro’s articles to improve your ability and experience with this job that requires quite a lot of creativity.


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