How to carry heavy loads to your hometown for Tet but does not hurt your car

Transporting things to the countryside for Tet every year is something many people have cars, especially pickups often worry about. Failure to do so may cause the vehicle to cause undue damage.

Everyone thanks to the car overloaded

At the end of the year, transportation costs are soaring, many people find other ways to save money. Many people with cars became the focus of attention for their work. Some people have this dish, some people have that and everything. Receiving it brings suffering into the body. If you do not accept it, you will be criticized for having a car, so you should go to the park and forget your brotherhood and uncles.

Then there are furniture in the house, all year away from home. Amass a sum of money and buy it back to your parents and neighbors. So much is something, getting more will not know where to put it all. So the pickup became a real truck with lots of towering stuff. Not to mention the car must still carry people.


Failure to do so may cause the car to be severely damaged. The first thing to mention is the tire system. The load of loads makes it overloaded, always under a terrible pressure. This can lead to a flat tire, loss of steering wheel, and safety for occupants. In case of long distance or crossing a mountain pass, it is extremely dangerous.

Then carrying too much stuff caused the car’s suspension system to be affected. Over time, it will diminish its essential functions. Even the trunk of the vehicle may be distorted, affecting the appearance of your beloved driver.

Transporting furniture on pickup trucks, but not carefully tied, makes them scattered on the road. Endangering people in traffic. At the same time ruining your goods. Leaving items inside the car can cause the interior to be affected, especially the seat system or scratching other details.


Please arrange furniture in a smart way

So how can you transport your things to your hometown for Tet without causing your car to be damaged? First, remember to check the technical and load limits of your beloved driver. If you have enough, then refuse straight away thanks. It is necessary to ensure that the volume of goods being transported does not exceed the allowable load limit of the vehicle.

Do not be a little respect that makes you and your family get in trouble unnecessary. If the traffic police accidentally check, you only have to sign the record. At this time, nobody respects anyone. And of course no one wants to have a fun New Year with a ticket.


Know how to arrange your goods in a smart way by prioritizing placing important, bulky, perishable goods at the center of the pickup. It not only helps to better protect but also helps to distribute the weight evenly on the vehicle, helping the car to keep a good balance on the road. Rear axle, if carrying a large amount of cargo, can cause difficulties in steering and potentially damage the steering and suspension.

Large items should be arranged on the sides of the trunk. How to make their surface as close to the trunk as possible. If carrying large items that are not too heavy, make sure the surfaces of these items are in contact with the floor of the trunk as much as possible and carefully covered.

Place boxes and smaller objects in the middle of large items. This helps you make the most of the vehicle’s cargo space. Finally, be sure to fasten or secure your goods tightly before departure to ensure they do not fall off.


Determine the route of the trip, avoid the rough and complicated roads that may affect the cargo. You should choose the smoothest road possible, avoiding bad roads and sharp bends. Above all, it is necessary to ensure the health to be able to drive firmly throughout the long journey. If you’re too tired, stop to rest, don’t overdo it if you don’t want unwanted things to happen.


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