How to cancel sent messages in Gmail

How to cancel sent messages in Gmail

Sending a message in Gmail, you must have had a situation where you sent a mail with the wrong address, missing content or made an error in composing, sending a message … and you want to cancel sent messages in Gmail, want to get email sent for editing and resend again. Refer to the tips in the article below to know how to handle it.

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In this article, I will guide you in detail how to cancel sent messages in Gmail, this can be considered as a preeminent feature that Google provides, supporting users. You note very important information is the maximum time for you to recover email messages, get back emails on Gmail is 30 seconds. If the above time is exceeded, then Gmail has delivered the message and the message has already reached the recipient.

The letters are sent in Gmail

How to cancel sent messages in Gmail


To be able to cancel sent messages in Gmail you need to sign in to Gmail, then turn on the feature Undo Send (Undo Submit) in section Setting by Gmail.

Normally, this feature is not turned on by default in Gmail, so messages you send before activating the feature Undo Send then you will not be able to cancel the message because it was immediately sent to the recipient’s Inbox.

Undo Send It actually slows down the time you send messages and gives you more time (in seconds) for you to click cancel before your message is actually sent.

To activate Undo Send – Undo send Do the following:

Step 1: You should change the Gmail language to Vietnamese for ease of use. If you do not know how to change, follow the instructions instead Change language in Gmail here.

Next, on your Gmail account -> choose the icon Setting serrated shape on the right side -> then select Setting.

the letters sent in Gmail 2

Step 2: Appearance section Setting Gmail -> at tab General ->you click on the box first Undo send (Undo Send) -> Then choose the time to undo send, you can choose 5/10/20/30 seconds as you want (but you should set the maximum time to 30 seconds to have more time to cancel messages ).

letters sent in Gmail 3

Step 3: Set the time done -> you choose Save changes to save the customizations you have just set up.

letters sent in Gmail 4

So you have turned on the feature Undo Send success -> from this point, if you send any email, a pop-up will appear Sent a letter; Undo; See mail as shown below -> and you can press select Undo to cancel sent mail is done.

letters sent in Gmail 5

The above guide just guides you How to cancel sent messages in Gmail is that simple, the operation so you can cancel sent messages within 30 seconds, if after 30 seconds when the Pop-up is hidden, you will not be able to cancel (Undo) sent messages in Gmail. Also, you should pay attention to this to send messages and undo messages as desired.
Also, if you unfortunately cannot send the email and don’t know the reason, please refer to the article Could not send email, causes and fixes to have a solution! Good luck.


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