How to build the most powerful 4 Ninja squad in the Arena of Truth 9.18
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How to build the most powerful 4 Ninja squad in the Arena of Truth 9.18

In each version of the Arena of Truth, there will be more striking squads than the other squads. Currently in the version of Truth Arena 9.18, the 4 Ninja squad is being evaluated as having quite a lot of beneficial buffs and is becoming a quite strong squad that is loved by many gamers.

Why is this squad being chosen by many gamers to build so. Let’s find out in this article.

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Analyze strengths and weaknesses of the Ninja Arena of the Legion 9.18


A squad of 4 Shinobi will evaporate the enemy squad in a blink of an eye because of the enormous amount of damage. Including Kennen and Akali are the two main damage generals and are also the two generals that are being selected by many players in the current version DTCL.


Despite the large amount of damage and stability, but this team does not have many champions that resist or control. Therefore, players need to be fully equipped and stable in order to maintain the best chance of winning.

How to build a DTCL Rings

There are two quite effective Ninja squads in DTCL 9.18 that gamers can target from the beginning of the game, these are:

Lineup 4 Fake Rings – 3 Elemental Masters – 3 Assassins

This formation is quite easy to play and focuses from the beginning on the Devil generals, so the player can keep HP safely. In addition, players also receive buffs from 20 to 40 armor for the Elemental Stone’s and from here increase the level of resistance early on, so players do not need to level up too fast.

Lineup 4 Ninja, 3 Elements, 3 Assassins

Instructions to build the squad:

Start with the Devil, then accompany a Ninja. This is quite easy and if you get Kennen early on it is good and keep recruiting Ninja for your squad.

Up to level 6 as quickly as possible and find enough for yourself to be 4 Ninja and 3 Elemental Masters. If Akali’s face isn’t seen yet, keep the formation around the Devil / Elementalist.

And your squad needs to be completed when you reach level 7. If there are any champions preparing to rise to 3 stars in the reserve, don’t be afraid to shoot champions. If you want to make more control for your squad, call Sejuani or Cho’Gath.

Some notes when building squads:

  • Can replace Lissandra for Anivia if not found
  • Arrange the position so the Elemental Golem does not get to the bottom


Evelynn only need 2 items to carry the team and keep the blood fairly stable in the early game.


Kennen will be the main control of the squad and have a relatively large area of ​​damage.


Brand will be the main dame in the team, if accompanied by the Devil, he can use the skill many times in the match.

Lineup 4 Fake Rings – 6 Assassins

Lineup 4 Fake Rings - 6 Assassins

The Assassin still has the ground in DTCL version 9.18 while being a pretty strong squad. Not to mention Akali’s skill is critical, so she might become the main damage hero of the squad. She will have an effect that deals 150% critical strike damage and 25% critical chance when there are 6 Assassins in the team.

Instructions to build the squad:

Determining according to this formation, you need to start with Kha’Zix, Pyke and Zed. All 3 assassins are quite easy to find at the beginning of the game, the equipment needed will be Tim Bang, Thuong Shojin and Ambassador of the Ambassador to Pyke so he can carry the team at this stage.

Before you reach level 8, try to get 4 Ninja at level 6. Ideally, a full team of 4 Ninja and 3 Assassins at this level.

Assassin squad - Ninja

As for late game, that is when you have reached level 8, try to find yourself a full lineup of 4 Ninja and 6 Assassins.

At this point, you can choose to level up 9 if your squad appears a 5 star 2 star champion possessing an independent power like Pantheon or Yasuo. The other is to keep the level 8 and raise the necessary generals like Pyke, Zed, Kha’Zix to 3 stars.


Pyke will be the main control and need to equip early to keep HP for the team, he will need at least 2 mana equipment.

Some other notes that players need to pay attention:

  • Only use 1 or 4 Ninja, otherwise you will lose power
  • You can use the Ma Youmuu Sword to reach a full lineup at level 7

There are not too many ways to build the Raiders squad in the current Arena of Truth. So you need to customize with what the game gives you. But at least you know where you should start if you want to have a Ninja Rings team in version 9.18.


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