How to boiled chicken cozy, not cracked

How to boiled chicken cozy, not cracked

Boiled chicken is a familiar dish on the tray of people but not everyone knows how to boil chicken, especially for cozy chickens. The following article will guide in detail how to boil delicious chicken, evenly cooked meat, golden skin, not cracked.

Choosing chicken worship

Choosing chicken is an important stage, you should choose chicken to make meat and delicious.

Raw chicken: Choose a healthy chicken, bright eyes, red crested, erect, no wheezing. Chicken feathers are bright, shiny, close to the body. Chicken feet are straight, slim, fair skin yellow, shiny.

Choose cozy chicken

Chicken meat available: choose the one with naturally light yellow skin, thin all over body, firm meat, small fishing float, low fat in the neck and thighs.

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How to boil chicken cozy

Prepare: ginger, salt, scallions, pepper, chili, mustard, a pot of cooled boiled water.

Chicken rubs salt both outside and inside, rinsing. If you want to light the whole chicken flavor, before you put the chicken in the pot, you should shape the chicken beautifully, using neck ties between the chicken wings, the neck to rise, the wings spread out, fold the legs into the belly for neat. .

Put the chicken in a deep pot so that the belly is pointing downwards with ginger, crushed onions and a little salt, pour the chicken water and then put on the stove. Putting the chicken in the pot as soon as the water is still cold helps the chicken ripen from outside to inside, the skin does not crack. If it is frozen chicken to prevent ice, you must defrost completely to boil.

Boiled chicken cozy

When the water boils, turn the heart into a saucepan and lower the heat for about 5 minutes and then turn down the heat to full. After 5 minutes turn off the heat and cover tightly for about 20 minutes.

Boiling time depends on weight and young chicken or old but takes about 40 minutes on average.

To check if the chicken is cooked, use the chopsticks to poke the chicken, if the chopsticks pierce easily and do not stain pink water, the chicken is cooked.
After taking out the chicken, you drop immediately into a pot of boiled water to cool, cold water as possible so that the chicken skin does not dry and dull. Wait until the chicken has cooled down to remove it.

When the chicken has drained, use a peeled turmeric and squeeze the juice to get water mixed with the chicken fat (the fried chicken fat) to apply a layer on the skin. Boiled chicken will have shiny yellow skin, smooth stretch, looks very nice.

Boiled chicken cozy

Presentation of chicken worship

Chickens for both children: Put chicken on a large plate, untie the flock neatly, blood, put in the abdomen, suck a red rose chicken beak.


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