How to block YouTube ads on computers

How to block YouTube ads on computers

Ads on the browser always make users uncomfortable when constantly pop-up ads, interrupting the content being viewed. There are many ways to block ads on browsers at websites, or on specific websites like YouTube. The problem with advertising on YouTube also affects the video you watch. They may appear at the beginning of the video or during the time we watch the video. To disable ads on YouTube, there are many different ways to do this, such as installing ad blocking extensions on the browser. If you want to block YouTube ads on Android, or block YouTube ads on iPhone, we also need to use some additional tools. The following article will guide you to block YouTube ads on computers in the most detail.

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1. Use the YouTube ad blocking utility

1. Adblock Plus utility

  • Download the Adblock Plus Chrome extension
  • Download the Adblock Plus Firefox add-on

Adblock Plus is an ad blocking utility that is very familiar to users on different browsers. The utility supports ad blocking on most websites, including YouTube.

Step 1:

We download and install the utility Adblock Plus on the browser.

Install the Adblock Plus utility

Step 2:

When you watch a video in the browser, the adblocker of Adblock Plus automatically blocks the ad. When you click on the widget icon you will see the number of blocked content on YouTube. The utility also supports adding blocking modes on the page by clicking Block element.

Block words from on YouTube

Step 3:

Then show the interface to us Click on elements on the page you want to block. The parts you want to block are highlighted in yellow. When done, we click off the mouse.

Select the element to block

Display the interface with new element filters on YouTube, Click Add to add blocking elements.

Add element

The result of the blocked content will be deleted on the YouTube interface and whitened like this. For example, the image below blocks the list of suggested videos to the right of the video currently playing.

Hide content

Step 4:

To control the blocked element on YouTube, users click cog gear icon.

Control settings

Step 5:

Display the installation interface of the utility, click Advanced section.

Advance setting

Look to the right to find the item My filter list and will see the element blocking items currently available on YouTube. To delete you just need to select and then press Delete button under. Then reload YouTube to make the changes apply.

Clear element filtering

2. Adblock for Youtube utility

  • Download the Adblock for Youtube Chrome extension

Step 1:

Users download the Adblock for Youtube utility using the link above.

Install the Adblock for Youtube utility

Step 2:

The interface of Adblock for Youtube is very simple and has ad blocking enabled on YouTube.

Ad blocker

2. Turn off ads on YouTube settings

Step 1:

We click on the avatar image of the YouTube account already Select Install in the displayed list.

YouTube settings

Step 2:

Switch to the next interface you click Playback and performance items. Next look to your right Uncheck the Show captions and notifications in the video option.

Final Click Save below is done.

YouTube settings

Above are some ways to block ads on YouTube, restrict YouTube ads when watching videos. The captions and ads on YouTube will not display when we watch videos on the browser.

I wish you successful implementation!


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