How to block continuous "Apps running in background" notifications on Android 8.0 Oreo
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How to block continuous “Apps running in background” notifications on Android 8.0 Oreo

One of the annoying things for users on Android 8.0 Oreo is to receive constant notifications that indicate whenever an app is running in the background. While it is good to see this information, it can sometimes distract you. These notifications cannot be deleted, we can only leave them in the following notification mode. Thankfully there is a way for you to remove these notifications. So if you are ready, follow these steps.

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App notifications running in the background

1. First, install the “Tasker” app ($ 2.99) and the “Notification Listener” (free) app from Play Store. Now download Tasker Profile to enable this feature.

2. Open Tasker and tap “Taskes“Now click on Taskes again to bring up the menu Import. Click it to import the XML file you downloaded.

Click Import to import the file

3. Click the arrow located in the top right corner and navigate to the downloaded file and import it.

Select file to import

4. You will now be able to see your imported file in the “Tasks“, then click on the”Profiles”.

Select the Tasks tab

5. Here, press the plus button in the lower right corner and then click “Event“.

Select event

6. Now, on the popup tab, click on “Tasker“and then select “Monitor Start”.

Select Monitor Start

7. Press the back button and then select the “Snooze“that we have entered. Once you have done that, Tasker will stop any constant notifications from showing on your smartphone.

Select Snooze to stop receiving notifications

What actually happens here is that the Tasker Profile has the mode to snooze notifications “App is running in the background” for a very long time (several thousand years). This ensures that you will never see that message again.

I wish you successful implementation!


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