How to automatically run unikey when you start your computer?

How to automatically run unikey when you start your computer?

I use Unikey to type Vietnamese when chatting with friends or composing documents. However, every time I restart the computer, I have to open Unikey which takes time

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So is there a way for Unikey to run itself when starting the computer or not? Because I also do not know much about computers, software.


Hello, Unikey is one of the best Vietnamese typing support software today. In addition to Unikey, there are many other software such as GoTiengViet or Vietkey. Like many other programs, Unikey also has a function that automatically runs when starting Windows. You can follow the instructions below

Step 1: You turn on Unikey interface -> Select Extend

-> Check the box Start with Windows -> Then click Closed
So from the next time, every time you start Windows, Unikey will automatically run


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