How to adjust the car clutch

With simple tapered errors, you can completely adjust your car’s foot completely without having to take it to a repair center.

The clutch pedal is also known as the car’s clutch system, which is a part to connect the engine gearbox and the wheel. The structure of the automobile clutch foot includes: clutch bearing, clutch cutting cylinder, clutch cover and clutch disc, with the main function of disconnecting the engine and wheel to change gears while driving. But after using it for a while, the clutch pedal is heavier or lighter than usual, causing you to adjust the clutch pedal to rebalance the stroke of the clutch.

Structure of automobile clutch

The working principle of the clutch is that 2 axles and a rotating shaft are connected to the motor. The other column will connect the gearbox and the transmission and the wheel. So when you depress the clutch, the two axes will separate and the shaft connected to the rotating motor and the other shaft won’t. Then, when you release the clutch, the two axes will immediately touch each other and the friction will cause the shaft connected to the intermediate gear system to move.

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How to adjust car clutch legs

Adjusting the height of the open swing

The inspector will use the caliper to measure the swing end open to the working surface of the press plate and must be within the allowable range specified by the manufacturer. If the distance in the opening attacks is not equal, they must be adjusted and must not deviate by more than 0.3mm. The opening lever is mounted on the bolt, it is possible to change the bolt height to change the height of the opening lever. Or if the lever head has adjustment bolts, just loosen the nut to adjust the bolts in or out depending on the direction to be adjusted.

Adjust the total and free travel of the clutch pedal

Free play of clutch foot is the distance from the pedal to the position where the bearing eliminates free gaps (at the beginning of contact with the open lever), the rider will feel when pressing the clutch pedal. heavy. After that, the next journey to the floor of the car is called the work trip (to cut the clutch completely). And the total of those two journeys is the total journey.

The free play is the journey from the moment the clutch is pressed until the weight is felt

First, you will measure the height of the pedals by using a ruler perpendicular to the floor, if the height is correct according to the regulations of each car manufacturer. If the standard is not correct, the height must be adjusted to correct by changing the length of the bolts. Then, have someone else pedal the gas pedal to the floor to measure the total travel distance. If the total stroke of the clutch pedal is lower or higher than usual, the free travel length of the clutch will have to be rebalanced, for example, for Toyota vehicles the free stroke length of the clutch is 5 – 15mm.

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After feeling heavy until the clutch foot reaches the floor, it is the working journey of the clutch

If it is not according to the standard specified by the car manufacturer, it is necessary to change the length of the tow bar with the adjustment screw. For hydraulic structures, the lever is adjusted by loosening the control screw to change the length of the thruster connecting the clutch pedal to the main cylinder piston. In addition, for hydraulic brake drive types, check the pedal travel from depressing the clutch until the thrust lever starts acting on the cylinder piston. And allowable travel is 1 – 5mm.

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Exhaust gas

After the process of adjusting the car’s clutch pedal, it is also necessary to release air in the hydraulic system to ensure it does not affect the clutch operation. First, insert the plastic tube into the air exhaust, and the other end is plugged into the brake fluid reservoir. Then, depress the clutch pedal and keep the pedal position, and at the same time loosen the air release screw until the brake fluid comes out, then turn the air release screw back on.

The gas located in the hydraulic oil pipe can affect the vehicle’s clutch cutting

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The above are the basic instructions on how to adjust the clutch pedal to help you understand the steps, to ensure the automotive clutch pedal system works efficiently and minimize risks. However, after a period of use, the clutch pedal will have some problems such as being stuck or slipping … causing you many troubles. Therefore, when you encounter signs related to the clutch, you need to go to a reputable service center for solutions to fix the problems as soon as possible.

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