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How to adjust issues related to the volume of AirPods and iPhone

AirPods has since changed the way many people use headphones to listen to music with the convenience of just two headsets and no buttons on their ears. However, no buttons also make many users do not know how to adjust the volume or there are issues related to the volume that many people do not know.

There are many ways for users to change the volume on the Airpods headset as well as check the problems related to the volume of the headset.

  • You can adjust the volume of AirPods using the volume button of the iPhone or use Siri to increase the volume level.
  • .If the highest volume level is still not big enough for you, the first job is to check the headset cleaning in the diaphragm grid or check the settings of the listening software.
  • You also check the volume level between AirPods and iPHone to make sure that this pair of headphones is using the full range of audio.

1 / How to change the volume on AirPods

First and foremost, if you are near the phone, you simply need to adjust the volume button on your phone to adjust the volume of the AirPods headset. However, in case the user does not get the phone handy, you can still control the voice volume by Siri, unlike many True-Wireless headphones with volume control built into the headset.

  • If you have an early AirPods headset, then you need to press any side of the headset twice and then ask Siri to adjust the volume.
  • As for the new 2nd generation AirPods, you just need to "Hey Siri" and ask Siri to increase or decrease the volume.

You can ask Siri to increase the volume ("Hey Siri, increase volume"), this will increase the volume level to about 12 percent of the current volume. However, if you can also adjust the volume level to a certain percentage or increase the volume by a certain amount of volume (eg "Hey Siri, raise volume by 20 percent" or "Hey Siri, increase volume to 80 percent). You should also be careful when adjusting this way because it may suddenly increase the volume to too large

If the AirPods in the max volume are still unable to meet your volume needs, there are a few tips to increase the volume level of the headphones especially if the AirPods volume level is higher than in the past.

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2 / Cleaning AirPods

A problem that many people encounter not only for AirPods headphones is that after a while the earbuds often cause a certain amount of earwax inside the ear canal and can stick to the mesh of the speaker membrane. . For AirPods headphones, the surface of the diaphragm layer is quite small, so once the earwax or dirt is stuck, it will make the volume of the headphones significantly smaller.

When cleaning AirPods, you should take care not to use wet or damp towels, paper to clean the surface mesh. And also do not use sharp objects such as bamboo toothpicks to pry away dirt and dust as this may tear or puncture the speaker membrane.

You can use ear buds or small soft brushes to remove earwax or dirt from the diaphragm.

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3 / Adjust AirPods volume with your iPhone phone

Maybe the phone and AirPods need to be calibrated – there are a few cases where the two devices have different "Full Volume" volume levels. Especially in case the AirPods volume and volume on the phone are no longer in sync, it sounds complicated but the error correction is quite simple.

  1. Put AirPods into your ears and start listening to music as usual.
  2. Use the volume button on your iPhone device, lower the volume to the lowest level so you won't be able to hear anything on AirPods.
  3. Swipe from the upper right corner of the iPhone to display the Control Panel and click the Bluetooth button to turn off Bluetooth mode. Leave the headset on your ear.
  4. Start playing the music again, this time playing through the iPhone speaker. Use the iPhone volume button to lower the volume level.
  5. Reconnect the AirPods headset. Drag the Control Panel item again and click the Bluetooth button to open it again. You may also have to go to settings, select Bluetooth to reconnect the AirPods headset.
  6. Play the music again, adjust the volume according to your needs

4 / Custom checking in Music app

If your AirPods suddenly sound pretty quiet when listening to music on the Music app, then your Music software may be misconfigured. You can easily fix it in just a few steps

  1. Go to Settings of device
  2. Pull down the Music section
  3. Make sure the EQ item is off. If you are on, it is best to switch to Off.
  4. Still on Music settings, make sure that the Volume Limit is set to OFF. If you are open in ON mode, click on the Volume Limit and drag the entire volume slide to the right, this feature will turn off.

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5 / Check that both sides of the headset have the same volume level

If there is an ear that is always bigger than the other side, simply in the iPhone settings you may be adjusting the balance between the two audio channels. To check you can follow these steps

  1. Go to device settings
  2. Select the General section and go to the Accessibility section
  3. At Hearing, make sure that the left two channels are balanced by the slide button in the middle. If the button lies on one side, then you can drag it to the center

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