How to access Youtube when blocked, Unblock

How to access Youtube when blocked, Unblock

It’s definitely not wrong to go to YouTube that is blocked to access important information when needed, but there are many reasons the blocker does not want to let you into YouTube, you can try ways to access YouTube. when blocked later to solve the problem quickly get the information you want.

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The truth is that many schools and organizations have used techniques to block many domains from being able to access Facebook or YouTube through the public network, but this has caused many users to want to visit YouTube, to enter Facebook was blocked to get difficult information.

cach into youtube when the ball is over

Blocked Youtube access, Watch Youtube videos when blocking IP

* Cause blocked to YouTube: To prevent students or staff from accessing YouTube from spending time studying and working separately.

* How to block into YouTube: Administrators of the school’s network systems or of certain organizations will use a way to block your request to a YouTube server.

* How to access YouTube when blocked: The method for this problem is to apply a proxy server sent from another server instead of sending from the current default server, so blocked sites will not be detected and you can still go to YouTube when is easily blocked on the computer.

How to access Youtube when blocked, Unblock

Method 1: Use VPN software to access YouTube when blocked

* Use Hotspot Shield on YouTube when blocked

Hotspot Shield software on your computer makes it easy for you to access YouTube when blocked by creating a virtual private network to trick the system that is blocking your request to access YouTube.

on youtube bi chan

In addition to the ability to access YouTube, this software also supports accessing Facebook with Hotspot Shield very simple and easy. Similar to how to access Facebook with Hotspot Shield, you can apply on YouTube to achieve the same results.

* Use AirVPN to unblock YouTube when blocked

AirVPN is an outstanding virtual private network software like Hotspot Shield, which also has many functions to create virtual private networks, bypass firewalls and help users access YouTube when blocked easily.

access to youtube cap bi chan

When using AirVPN, users can hide IP, not be tracked activities, especially with no restriction on transmission line, maximum connection speed, support connecting multiple machines, … To use AirVPN to YouTube when If you are blocked, you can refer to the ElectrodealPro AirVPn manual.

* Use Private Tunnel into YouTube when blocked

Among the top software for creating virtual private networks, Private Tunnel can protect users safely from security risks, access blocked websites, even use Private Tunnel to easily block YouTube.

Access cap on youtube bi chan

Private Tunnel software currently supports all 4 major operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. Therefore, users conveniently use Private Tunnel to access YouTube when blocked on any media from phone to computer.

Method 2: Use the VPn add-on (extension) on Google Chrome to access YouTube when blocked

If you simply go to YouTube is blocked and do not want to install the software, you can completely install the extension (add-on) available on Google Chrome to easily block YouTube. Here ElectrodealPro would like to introduce to you two of the many extensions (add-ons) that support YouTube when blocked most effectively.

Access to youtube when you are crazy

* Using the Browsec extension (add-on) on Google Chrome to access YouTube when blocked

Extension (add-on) Brwosec It is one of the tools that support YouTube is blocked quite conveniently because this is an extension (add-on) that can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. Browse supports encrypted transmission and access Facebook, YouTube, … easily. The Browse add-on encrypts your traffic and then routes them to a secure cloud network, so that no one can detect or spy on you.

cach into youtube when the ball is over

How to access youtube when blocked, YouTube is blocked, to Facebook, to Facebook is blocked

* Use the Hola extension (add-on) on Google Chrome to access blocked YouTube

Use extensions (add-ons) Hola On Google Chrome, on YouTube being blocked has an advantage that this is not a VPN peer application, especially completely free. Users after downloading Hola on the Chrome Web Store can access blocked YouTube, Facebook and many other blocked websites easily.

Method 3: Use hidden proxy websites to access incognito

In addition to the above ways to access YouTube when blocked, ElectrodealPro also introduces you to a list of many famous YouTube unblocking websites. These websites have the function of navigating the URL to a secure server, avoiding being tracked and detected so that access to that website is not blocked. For example, when entering YouTube when blocked above, you will lose the action, but with this way, you just need to copy the YouTube address you want to access to those websites, choose the server location, … and start hiding. access list.

on youtube bi chan

YouTube access is blocked by KProxy.

access youtube cap when bi chan

Access to YouTube when blocked with BlewPass.

cach into youtube bi chan

How to access YouTube is blocked using Unblockmyweb.

Some prominent websites on YouTube are: MegaProxy, Proxify, Kproxy, HideMyAss, Ninja Clock, AnonyMouse, AnonyMizer, kProxy, BlewPass, Zfreez, Vobas, Vtunnel, …

In general, the ways to access YouTube when blocked in this article are just manual to use when necessary, in general blocking YouTube, Facebook for work or study reasons is still quite the right job, so depending situation, readers should only apply when there is a need, for example downloading videos from YouTube to see instructions. But remember, downloading videos from YouTube using virtual private network tools will be quite slow.
Good luck!


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