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How to access blocked Web sites with AnonymoX on Firefox


You access a certain domain name but are blocked because the proxy message is inappropriate, making you unable to access that website or service. And AnonymoX will be the solution for you now. Add-ons help you access blocked Web sites in Firefox easily.

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AnonymoX gives you the ability to hide your IP from desired Web sites. This software uses a method of constantly changing addresses, providing many fake IPs from many addresses to hide real IP addresses so you can easily access blocked Web sites.

A guide to Web sites that are blocked with AnonymoX on Firefox

Step 1: Download and install AnonymoX on the Firefox browser. You can download the latest version of AnonymoX.

During the download process, a dialog box appears asking if you want to install it on your computer, choose Allow

Step 2: Press Install to start the installation process

Step 3: Choose Restart now to restart the browser.

Step 4: To change the proxy you click on the X in the right corner of the address bar → tick select Active.

Step 5: Now your proxy has been changed. Default is the USAYou can reselect another region.
There are quite a few Web sites that you can not access, because most Vietnamese users are limited to Proxy access to those websites. With AnonymoX software that helps you change the default proxy of your computer, accessing those websites is no longer difficult.



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