How successful a young couple “borrowed” the Galaxy A12

Huy and Rubi made an appointment first at the City Post Office. Although the girl was a bit late, Huy coldly said: “It will never be long before waiting for you”. In this photo, I look into Rubi’s eyes with an indescribable joy, I also worked a lot with Rubi but I have never seen her as happy and happy as now!


I also bought ice cream for each other to laugh and laugh, and I had to watch and eat “cheating” of these two people ?


Having chatted for a while, the two took pictures together at the bookway, Huy said that here, Huy would show Rubi memorable equations in math books, tenses, vocabulary in English books, and sentences Love each other in love stories … (I’m tired!).

Huy takes advantage of it to take pictures of Rubi, every corner is beautiful in the bookway, especially for portraits of Live Focus.


Buy small, pretty things that she likes, nothing big? The Subtle Mod is not dry at all.


The two continue to lead each other to Diamond Plaza, the building lobby is always beautifully decorated according to the seasons so everyone can come to take pictures.

In fact, sometimes rotating the smartphone to take a selfie is also very good because at that time the photo will be more beautiful – the main camera of the Galaxy A12 has a resolution of up to 48MP with f / 2.0 aperture. Plus, I also went with these two’s “Salary Crane” so it’s too easy to have someone to frame them for taking pictures


There is a cafeteria with lots of cute models, the uncle sells the toy there, and can also shape it according to the customer’s request, the price is 50K one (Depending on the difficulty).


Going to take pictures of flowers too, the camera has a macro camera, 3-5cm away from the object, so not only are there photos of people and scenes, but also pictures of nearby things like flowers and insects.


That girl and her curiosity …


Sitting tired to see how the photos were from the morning, now it is clear that Rubi has fallen in love with Huy, not everyone is persistent in taking pictures for themselves the whole morning with such comfort and enthusiasm. : D
At this point, I remember Rubi listening to Huy that I wanted to faint:

-Huy: Why do you want to eat spring rolls on Tet?
-Rubi: I like to eat spring rolls because I want to date you too.


Selfie one more, wish the two young people have passionate moments ahead!


Continuing to look at the pictures together, @ Lê Phú Khuương called Huy … It’s strange that Khuong never called Huy for anything.


She also had to pick up the phone to talk to each other like two men … I expected a girl to have two kids, haiz, poor Rubi after all. Well, good luck Huy!

Wish those who read this article have a happy, safe Tet and stay healthy from pandemic. Thereby, I wish the loving couples a very happy Valentine’s season with many beautiful pictures like Rubi and Huy.

. (Mikeknowsme)

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