How strong is Feng Timo's singing skills? The new song "Light" drew screams at the scene, and fans handed the lyrics to express their love

How strong is Feng Timo’s singing skills? The new song “Light” drew screams at the scene, and fans handed the lyrics to express their love

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As the New Year approaches, everyone’s work at hand begins to gradually decrease, but this special time period is the busiest time for artists. Take Feng Timo as an example. After holding his birthday song at the end of last year, he has participated in many more. At Taiwan’s New Year’s Eve party, I didn’t even forget to release a new song, and recently I participated in various awards ceremonies, and the prizes in my hand are also constantly winning.

I believe everyone should still remember that Feng Timo appeared as a mermaid princess in the final piece of the Find Find trilogy that was first sung at the birthday party at that time, combined with his own good singing skills. The first “Light” which pursues light and hope is vividly interpreted.

The birthday song party under Full Mai, Timo “Full Fire”

You should know that for a birthday party like this kind of concert level, the scene adopts the form of full open microphone. The singer’s singing performance is directly transmitted to the ears of millions of fans through the signal in the live broadcast room. There is no modification in the whole process, so there is no basic skills. And hard power, I really dare not go on such a stage.

Even Feng Timo himself said that the song “Light” is a very favorite song in the entire Xun·FIND, so she recently made a “LIVE Pure Edition” to share with everyone, this operation makes it difficult Fans who hadn’t heard of it at the scene seized the opportunity.

Not long after the release of Timo’s “LIVE Pure Enjoy Edition”, barrage such as “good” and “one million times” have become the most existing in the entire video.

There are even many netizens who bluntly said that Timo Ge is sweet and beautiful. Iron fans even wrote down the entire lyrics of “Light” so that everyone can understand the meaning while listening.

The typhoon on New Year’s Eve is stable, breaking through the cross-border chorus of the dimension wall

Of course, good new songs are only part of Timo’s hard power. At the B station and Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve party at the beginning of this year, Timo once again attracted many netizens with his steady typhoon and wonderful singing. Among them, Dragon TV’s On the stage, it was the first time to sing “Nine Nine Eighty One” with the two-dimensional character Ling Yuan Yousa.

The whole song not only vividly expresses the well-known story of Journey to the West, but Timo also showed the singing in the form of drama for the first time, and the interaction with Lingyuan on the scene is also particularly eye-catching, I have to say this time. On New Year’s Eve, from creativity to Timo’s typhoon, she all demonstrated her hard power as a singer.

The singing on the stage of the festival is melodious, and the re-interpretation of “Light” resonates

Facing different stages, Feng Timo can always bring surprises with his singing voice. In addition to the wonderful performance on New Year’s Eve, the same is true for the Tencent TMEA music festival that just ended not long ago. Feng Timo was invited to attend the ceremony that night. Not only did she walk across the red carpet in a light yellow dress, she also sang the single “Light” that was just released on the spot.

Although many people have already watched the birthday song version at station B, the live version of the festival stage once again resonated with fans. The live Timo not only has an online voice, but the beautiful combination of stage modeling and light and shadow perfectly interprets the story that the song wants to tell.

It can be seen that Feng Timo’s performance on these large-scale stage performances is very perfect. Not only is live singing very stable, but also as a singer’s pitch, there is no discount because of facing different stages. Almost every live performance song is mentioned. Mo can show his best strength. As a young singer, he can have such a stable typhoon and musical strength, which shows the level of effort required behind it.

Not only that, Feng Timo has been experimenting with different styles of music, such as the nationally styled “Suzhou Street Travels”, the popular “Mimanimo” and so on. The hard-powered singing skills coupled with the changeable music styles make her this She can win the “Breakthrough Artist of the Year” award this time, which is also the best proof of her status as a singer.


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