How not to be distracted by the words of others
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How not to be distracted by the words of others

We humans, no one is 100% perfect and no one can live to please everyone. So if you can, just ignore it and don’t pay much attention to the world’s words to relax. But it’s easy to say, but it’s hard to do, because those dirty words are never easy to hear.

When we look back, there are things we often regret for not daring to do it. The fear here is not the fear of failure that makes us falter, but the fear of criticism. Sometimes just because a few gossip of people around you makes you feel discouraged, stress is easy to give up just because you care too much about other people’s thoughts.

So we must how to overcome the words of others to find our success and happiness.

1. Ask yourself: “What if I don’t do something?”

Expect the worst

In this life, how can we avoid the judgments of those around us. Every day we still have to hear and face them, so don’t just for nothing but give up all opportunities that come to you.

When you do something, before you become so nervous that you are afraid of failure, ask yourself: “What’s the worst that could happen?” Is there a possibility that you will “fall on your face” when accepting new challenges?

Asking questions and finding even the worst answers helps you to anticipate the problem and reduce the pressure around you so if you encounter it, there’s nothing to fear.

2. Don’t let people pull you down

Don't let people pull you down

Be ready to face the crowd waiting to judge you.

Because if you are not ready, then surely those words, judgments will immediately send you down the abyss, from which you gradually become anxious before deciding to do something.

If someone criticizes you, consider that they are not allies on the same line as you. Now let them out of the way and stand mindful of their words.

3. Accept judgment

Accept judgment

It is a burden to worry about what others think of you. It sometimes makes you no longer yourself, when you try to impress others. You will buy unnecessary things, do useless things just to beautify the faces of others who have little meaning in your life. Or you even forget about your own passions for fear of affecting the emotions of those around you.

However, not taking too much interest will become extreme. At least you need to pay attention to how to dress, neat hair, how to communicate, treat people. Because each family and society has certain cultural and ethical standards.


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