How much water does the Earth's atmosphere contain?
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How much water does the Earth’s atmosphere contain?

Not only in rivers, streams, oceans, underground, … water also exists in the Earth’s atmosphere in various forms such as snakes like snow or hail, liquid form through rains .. .

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So, if you measure the entire volume of water in the atmosphere (in km3), what is the amount obtained?

Clouds are blocks of condensed water droplets or crystal ice suspended in the atmosphere
Clouds are blocks of condensed water droplets or crystal ice suspended in the atmosphere.

According to calculations by the researchers, the average volume of water in the atmosphere reaches about 13,000 km3, equivalent to a giant cube filled with water with sides 23.5 km long, at any given time. The amount of water varies by weather and location. The amount of water in the Northern Hemisphere will be greater during the summer or during the El nino period.

If all the water in the atmosphere were to fall off at once, the entire surface of the Earth would be covered with a layer of water 2.5cm thick. However, the amount of water in the atmosphere is still only 0.001% of all water on Earth.

The ocean is Earth's most abundant water storage
The ocean is Earth’s most abundant water storage.

But this amount of water is always in balance, never depleted, whether it snows or it rains. By evaporation of water on the surface of the oceans and continents will continuously compensate for the loss of water on it. In addition, some of the water falling will evaporate back to the atmosphere before reaching the ground.

The amount of water lost or evaporated during this repeated (process) cycle is much greater than the amount of water stored in the atmosphere, reaching about 485,000 km3. This means that a water molecule will only float in the atmosphere on average for about a week and then fall to the ground again.

The water cycle on our Earth
Water cycle on Earth.

The atmosphere is one of the essential components of the water cycle on Earth.

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