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How much speed does it take to play Google's game from Stadia?

After the video clip was played by Google livestream last night on YouTube, we have more specific information about the game streaming service through the Stadia cloud server, and a lot of games that will be released on this platform and very features. Or, for example, players on Xbox, iPad, Windows 10 and Chromecast can play games together. But the problem arises again. To play games in 4K resolution, 60 FPS and HDR, you'll have to own a 35 Mbps internet connection. Not everyone owns a speed line like this, and Stadia is trying to make himself difficult even when the service hasn't started yet?

In March at the GDC 2019 event, many people took the opportunity to experience Stadia and realize the potential of this service, something that can change the way people play games. We do not need to buy machines with tremendous hardware power, but instead only take 1 money each month to battle the game.

But Google's information of the most immediate post. Stadia director Phil Harrison said in March that 25 Mbps is needed to play games at the highest quality, ie 4K, HDR, 60 FPS and 5.1 surround sound. Then during the livestream event last night, Google raised the line requirements to 35 Mbps again to play smoothly. To play games on Stadia at 720p speed, internet connection will have to meet 10 Mbps.

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This means, Google does not keep its promise that is optimizing the performance of the data center, helping to play the game better but requiring lower transmission lines that they promised in March. , Google engineers realized that, in order not to lose a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to buy console and PC games, the Stadia players would have to have strong internet connections.

In the US market alone, Google has a datacenter throughout the states, so the players here don't mind. Not to mention, Google is like witches when writing algorithms, combining the advantages of data center with algorithms to see the smoothest YouTube, Google search returns the fastest results. But what about other areas? What about those who don't have fast enough internet connection at the request of Google?

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For example, many remote areas in the US, carriers only provide 3 Mbps DSL, or higher speeds, but are unstable. According to statistics, 1 out of 5 American families has a 25 Mbps transmission line. This means that 162.8 million Americans cannot access higher speeds than this number. Stadia, instead of optimizing transmission and stream quality, chose to compromise with technical difficulties to increase transmission requirements to 35 Mbps.

The good news is, internet service providers often have to meet market demand, and if Stadia is able to create demand, operators in the US or any country in the world will have to upgrade. transmission line to serve customers. Meanwhile, I do not mention Vietnam because at this time, the testing countries in Stadia do not have their own countries. That would be another story, on another day, but with the situation that you use VNPT and Viettel to raise the fiber optic bandwidth, it has been a good signal.


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