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How much is the Honda Winner X's sea-going price?

The list price that the manufacturer announced is definitely not the last number that you pay for a car, but there are many other factors.

It is known that the total amount of money to pay when buying a car (often referred to as rolling cost, or sea-going fee) will be = list price + registration tax + plate fee + civil insurance.

Depending on different factors, we will have separate figures for registration tax or number plate, specifically as follows:

First, the plate fee will be calculated depending on the area you are living in. Area (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City) I, Region II (city or town) or Region III (district or commune) ) and also based on the list price of the car. In this case, I am discussing Winner X (the price is over 40 million), the number plate fees in KVI, II and III will be 2-4 million, 800 thousand and 50 thousand respectively.

For Region I, it is not clear what the fluctuation range from 2-4 million depends on which factors, which may be based on geographical location, such as districts far away from the center such as

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Next, consider the registration tax. There are 2 cases, the registration fee will be calculated 5% of the value of the vehicle if the registration place is located in the city under the central government, the provincial city or the town where the People's Committee of the province or city directly under the Central Government Department. In other areas, registration fee is 2%.

For insurance, there are many different types of insurance, but it is compulsory to have civil insurance and the fee for one year is 66 thousand.

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So, with the above factors, if you are living in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, this is the amount you should prepare if you want to buy Honda Winner X:

For Honda Winner X Black Matte ABS version, rolling price = list price (49.49 million) + registration tax (5% = VND 2,474,500) + plate number (average between 2 and 4 = 3 million) + civil insurance (66,000 VND) = 55,030,500 VND.

Similarly, we have Winner X's selling price at sea. CAMO ABS is VND 54,505,500 and Winner X CBS is VND 51,355,500.

* The calculation above does not include the difference from the listed price at the agents.


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