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According to the latest figures published by Santa Clara County, the Apple Park spacecraft building is worth about $ 3.6 billion. This number is only the number provided by Apple for tax purposes and many experts predict the real number is higher. Specifically, if including interior equipment, machinery and ornamental plants, the value of Apple Campus can be up to $ 4.17 billion (nearly VND 100 trillion).

Not to mention the 260 thousand square meters of land right in the center of Cupertino state, all Apple Park construction materials are ordered separately (custom) and made from high-class materials, making the building value much higher compared to the common ground.

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Typical is the most obvious is the 3000 large and curved tempered glass panels covering the entire building by Foster + Partner with the Seele + Sedak design and construction. To make these oversized curved glass, Seele + Sedak also has to produce new glass bending machines, but cannot use their existing machines. Each piece of glass after production has a volume of 3 tons per plate and must use specialized equipment to lift and attach to the right position.

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Although only 4 floors with modest height but with the newly announced value, Apple Park has reached the top 10 most expensive buildings in the world. Some buildings in the top 10 are listed as:

  • Salesforce Tower in San Francisco $ 1.7 billion
  • One World Trade Center in New York 3.9 billion dollars
  • Marina Bay Sands in Singapore 5 billion dollars
  • Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor in Finland 6 billion dollars
  • Abraj Al Bait clock tower is $ 15 billion
  • The mosque in Mecca is $ 100 billion

With a property tax of about 1%, Apple will have to pay a tax of about $ 40 million (equivalent to VND 1,000 billion) annually. With this tax, Apple will continue to be the most tax-paying business for Santa Clara County for many years to come. Many people find this tax too horrible, but Apple will not have any problems with this payment, according to the latest quarterly financial reports, Apple will generate revenue of 58 billion dollars and net profit of $ 11.5 billion.

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