How many director's fig leafs did Wu Jing's "sane" tear open?

How many director’s fig leafs did Wu Jing’s “sane” tear open?

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The Spring Festival stalls are in full swing, the movie theaters are sold out, and the box office is rising.

This is certainly a good thing, but in Pico’s view, there is a serious “false prosperity” behind the high box office.

This can be seen from some strange remarks on the Internet after the previous Spring Festival files-

For example, when “Wandering Earth” was a big hit back then, some people took it to Nolan’s “Interstellar” and felt that Chinese science fiction could already be comparable to Hollywood science fiction.

For example, this year’s Jia Ling’s debut work “Hello, Li Huanying” has been popular with word of mouth, with a box office of 4 billion yuan. Some people have begun to discuss Jia Ling’s historical status in female directors.

Another example is Andy Lau’s new film “The Crowd”, the lineup is severely squeezed, and the box office is not ideal. Some people scream at Hua Tsai, mocking Andy Lau’s box office appeal is not as good as “Bears.”

This view of “listening to the wind is rain” and “discussing heroes” is very popular on the Internet. The impetuous atmosphere is accompanied by the rising of the box office, flooding the entire movie market.

Fortunately, under the “false prosperity”, there are still many filmmakers who remain “sober in the world”, such as Wu Jing.

After the Spring Festival Gala, he accepted an interview with CCTV “Face to Face”.

Wu Jing used to preach that he wanted to create his own era. Now at the age of 47, he has already reduced his edge. For his words and deeds in the past, he described himself as “young and frivolous.”

The host was very puzzled and asked him “Wolf Warrior 2” has sold 5.6 billion, breaking the record of Chinese film history, why he has become more and more cautious?

Wu Jing said: “High box office does not mean high level.”

He then added that a few years after “Wolf Warriors 2” was released, he reviewed the film from time to time and found many flaws. The high box office concealed many problems in the film itself.

Not only that, but Wu Jing and Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou and other seniors privately asked a lot of film experience and insights. When asking Jet Li, Jie Ge said to him: “Pick up your tail and be a man.”

Wu Jing kept this advice in mind. After the starring “Wolf Warriors 2” sold out, he has kept a low profile. He did not rush to shoot “Wolf Warriors 3”, but concentrated himself to settle himself, by starring in “The Climber”, “King Kong River”, etc. The director’s work absorbs nutrients and waits for the next bloom.

Afterwards, Wu Jing’s remarks quickly appeared on the hot search. “High box office does not mean high level” seems to be pouring cold water, but it appropriately cools down the overheated Spring Festival stalls.

If we observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that behind the high box office during the Spring Festival this year, there are actually 6 abnormal factors that help.

First: the fare is expensive.

The era of ticket replenishment is over. Watching movies at 19.9 yuan has become a luxury, and watching a 2D movie costs more than 50 yuan.

During the Spring Festival, the prices of all kinds of food, drink, and fun are increased. Everyone is not very price sensitive. It is most appropriate to increase the price of movie tickets at this time.

In fact, the movie tickets for the Spring Festival in 2019 are already expensive. At that time, there was a lot of complaints on the Internet, but the Spring Festival in 2020 was out of gear. Many people forgot about this.

The higher the unit price, the higher the total box office of the movie.

Think about it, everybody, in the era when a movie ticket was a dime, Jet Li’s “Shaolin Temple” sold 160 million. Converted into the current ticket price, this box office earned more than 10 billion.

Therefore, if only measured by the number of constantly breaking records, then the current high box office is undoubtedly moist, and the moisture ratio is about a quarter.

Second: the retaliatory viewing of the masses.

Since January of last year, many people have not been out of the house for several months, and for the first time they have experienced that it is harder to stay at home than to work.

Before the Spring Festival this year, the crisis relapsed, and everyone felt that they had to replicate what happened last year.

Fortunately, the country has strong national control and the Spring Festival stalls proceeded as scheduled, which in turn triggered retaliatory viewing, and the box office naturally increased.

Third: The Chinese New Year in situ caused an explosion at the box office early in the Spring Festival stalls.

In the past, the movie-watching habit of many workers was to go back to their hometown for the Chinese New Year first. Many people took a few days of vacation, went to relatives to meet friends, and had no time to watch movies. They generally chose to go to the movies after returning to the big city from their hometown.

This year, more than 100 million people chose to celebrate the Chinese New Year in situ. During the Spring Festival, there is nowhere to go. The only entertainment item is to watch movies. As a result, many movie tickets are consumed in advance. The box office of the early Spring Festival has increased rapidly, but after the seventh day, the Spring Festival market must be Will encounter a greater degree of decline.

Fourth: Schedule bonus.

The biggest difference between this year’s Spring Festival and the past few years is that there are no overseas rivals.

In 16 years, “ZooCity” blocked “Mermaid”, “Black Panther” in 18 years blocked “Operation Red Sea”, and “Alita” blocked “Wandering Earth” in 19 years, all of which made the Spring Festival film weak in the late harvest box office. .

However, this year, due to the general environment, the overseas film market has been basically silent recently. This makes the film market have no overseas film introduction after the Spring Festival, and there will be a whole month of flat rivers, allowing these films to gallop.

Fifth: Publicity directly drives the upsurge of movie watching.

The so-called “before soldiers and horses arrive, food and grass will go first.”

Now the films of the Spring Festival file have been promoted months in advance, and the publicity cost of a film is actually not small. In addition, we can also see the creators promoting the film in the variety show before the movie is released. Silhouette.

For example, Yang Mi participated in the recording of “Qihua Shuo” a few months ago to promote his “Assassination of Novelists”.

For example, in the last issue of “Ace vs. Ace”, multiple film crews appeared on the same stage and competed for the length of promotion in the show by playing games.

For another example, “Bears Infested” was advertised on CCTV Children’s Channel a few months ago. Before the movie was released, my little nephew shouted to watch “Bears infested”.

And Andy Lau’s “Raging Crowd” suffered from Xuanfa’s loss.

Although the film has a good reputation, the name is too literary and not conducive to marketing. People in the marketing department approached the director Rao Xiaozhi and wanted him to change his name, but he insisted on using this name from the point of view of creation. The movie was a bit slow, and many people lost the desire to watch the movie as soon as they heard the name.

Later, although Rao Xiaozhi had Andy Lau’s trump card, he did not play it in time.

Andy Lau personally opened a social media account, and his fans exceeded 50 million in a short time. However, his first three hot videos did not mention “Rushing Crowds”, which caused many fans to not even know the movie.

As the New Year’s Eve approached, Rao Xiaozhi found that his publicity had lagging behind, and it was a bit late, because most of the shows for the Spring Festival were shot at the pre-sale box office. The better the marketing, the higher the audience’s expectations. The higher it is.

Although the wine in the movie market is not afraid of the deep alleys, and the quality of movies is increasingly affecting the upper limit of a movie, if the trend in the early stage is sluggish, the difficulty of counterattack in the later stage is at least several levels higher, and most of them are in a state of failure. .

Sixth: Promoted by off-court factors.

Nowadays, in the movie market, off-site plays are better than the movies themselves, especially during the Spring Festival.

For example, in the past two days, Qu Chuxiao apologized for his performance and audiences on social media, and his negative news was also mentioned again, which cast a shadow over the box office prospects of “Samurai God Order”.

Another example is that with the hot sales of “Hello, Li Huanying”, Zhang Xiaofei, Yuan Shanshan, and Sun Qian’s “Encounter Records” were also mentioned by the audience, causing passersby to watch.

Of course, Rao Xiaozhi, the director of “The Crowd”, personally went off and asked to increase the schedule. His request had a certain effect after the fourth grade. The schedule and attendance rate of this film have increased to a certain extent.

The above six factors have led to the extremely high box office of this year’s Spring Festival stalls, the Matthew effect is obvious, the death of drought due to drought, and the death of flood due to waterlogging, the box office gap between different movies is huge.

But these factors have little to do with the quality of the movie itself. Indeed, as Wu Jing said, a high box office does not mean a high level, and a low box office does not mean a poor level.

Fortunately, after the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the market ushered in a change, and quality has become the main consideration for audiences to buy tickets and arrange films in theaters.

First of all, the proportion of good word-of-mouth movies like “Hello, Li Huanying” has increased from 20% on the first day of the new year to 40% today. The film has also lived up to expectations. The counterattack became the daily box office champion, and its box office ceiling was also broken. 4 billion ceiling.

Secondly, films like “The Crowd” and “Assassination of Novelists” have also come up. Later, they can also get a slice of the pie in the fierce Spring Festival, at least ensuring a virtuous circle of film creation and market revenue.

The changing circumstances of the Spring Festival stalls also made me rethink: What kind of movie is a good movie?

I think according to Douban scores, it can be simply divided into three categories: 7-point movies, 8-point movies and 9-point movies.

The first category is a 7-point movie like “The Crowd”.

On the one hand, the acting skills are online, the story is fluent, and there are big names like Andy Lau; on the other hand, the director retains a little artistic thinking when shooting genre films.

This type of film may not be favored by theatrical lineups, especially in the Spring Festival, but it is a level that most filmmakers can pursue.

The second category is an 8-point movie like “Hello, Li Huanying”.

The whole film is full of tears in the smile, the energy density is high, the story is not flawed, the laugh points are densely set, and there is a reversal at the end, which makes people think after watching the movie.

This type of film is a work that the creator combines with his own life experience.

The third category is 9-point movies like “I’m Not the God of Medicine”.

The film is excellent from all angles.

From the perspective of acting skills, the performances of Xu Zheng, Zhang Yu, and Wang Chuanjun all left a deep impression.

From the perspective of the story, the film is taken from real people and real events, and the real power is shocking.

From a social perspective, this film has aroused heated discussions among the people and promoted the reform of China’s medical system. Soon after the film was released, the country introduced new regulations and many expensive drugs were included in medical insurance.

This kind of film either promotes the progress of the film, or breaks the circle, spurs a rock somewhere in the society, which is unattainable for creators.

But the standard of a good movie is not the only one. Those with average ability will work hard for a 7-point good movie, those with good ability will try their best to make a good 8-point movie, and those with abilities will touch 9-point movies.

Nowadays, as the threshold of the film and television industry is getting lower and lower, the team of filmmakers is getting bigger and bigger. They have different talents, different opportunities, and different upper limits.

But we hope that Wu Jing’s remarks can awaken more filmmakers.

It’s no problem to chase high box office, but don’t slack in the quality of the work. Only by sinking your heart to sculpt the quality and always maintain the awe of the movie and the audience can you maintain a long-term artistic life and market life, and have a chance. Remembered by the times.

Pico also wanted to say that the record-breaking glory of the box office is naturally enough to be included in film history, but if there is no kernel quality that matches this glory, it will only become the laughingstock of the times, and no matter how brilliant the record is, it will only become a fig leaf for some directors. .

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