How long does it take to type Word to fill 1 TB of hard drive space?

Today, when the capacity of games or computer applications is escalating rapidly, it can be seen that the 1 TB hard drive is not as big as it used to be. Even so, many people have had to add larger-capacity hard drives just to accommodate games.

How long does it take to type Word to fill 1 TB of hard drive space?  - Photo 1.

However, have you ever asked yourself how many Microsoft Word documents can hold a 1 TB hard drive? Or suppose how many characters a Microsoft Word document can contain to fill up 1 TB of memory? If we do not have the correct answer then we will give you an interesting estimation answer.

It is assuming that pressing any key continuously, then 1 second you will enter 30 characters. Just multiply this number and you get 108,000 characters per hour, and 2.6 million characters in a day. All the effort of sitting and pressing your movie for a day without eating, sleeping, or doing anything will fill 2.6 MB of space.

Thus, to be able to fill the memory of the hard drive 1 TB (1024 GB), you repeat the “crazy” above for 1000 years. Indeed, if there is a supernatural force or any kind of machine that can sit and hold keys continuously for 1000 years without a break, it must be something sublime beyond the imagination of mankind.

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